Boozer's Insane lab

By drbeer · Jun 26, 2008 ·
  1. drbeer
    Hi, all I've decided to make my blog, where i'll talk about the happy little Boozer. I will try to post his story everynight of the summer since I don't have school nor much to do.

    The reason I call the blog Boozer's insane lab is because he's quite interested in psychiatry and chemistry... well he likes science in general but those domains are his favourite. So don't be surprised if he talks about those through his life. He's sometiemes also quite weird, some people around him call him insane, but deep inside he knows thats he's a misunderstood genius. Boozer is also a metalhead and quite an hedonist. By the way, Boozer is only a creation of my mind, he's fictional :laugh:.

    I hope that some SWIYs around here will like to hear about my tales of the happy little boozer!

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