Boozer's painful childhood

By drbeer · Jul 4, 2008 · ·
  1. drbeer
    After posting the song boozer wrote, I think that he should share a part of what he has lived in his childhood.

    First of all, as you might know it, Boozer is crippled since birth. He has a brittle bone disease, osteogenisis imperfecta (OI) (think about the movie the unbreakable), Type V. Now the type V is a rare mutation is the genes of this already rare disease. When boozer breaks a bone, the callus that is supposed to protect the bone while it repairs does not go away after the bone is in perfect shape. Instead it inflates at astonishing sizes, causing the worst pain immaginable.

    So first thing first... When boozer was 3 months old, he underwent surgery for an inguinal hernia. He was gased and recieved pain killers afterwards (probably opiates). He now has scars on both side of the groin.

    When he was 9 months old, he fractured a femur when his father tried to remove drapes under him. The docs needed to perform general anasthesia since boozer moved too much when the tried to put on the cast. Again, he was prescribed pain killers.

    Between 1-3 years old, Boozer broke both bones of his right arm, a rib, two tibias, an ankle and the same femur. He also squashed more than 6 vertebras.

    Then, the worst thing in his life happened when he was 3 and a half. He was leaving the hospital for a routine check to the pediatrist, when he fell down a stair. He broke his left femur. This was the first time his callus had reacted. The docs didn't knew what this thing was. He was hospitalised for quite some time, in extreme pain and put on morphine. Heck, they OD him once because morphine just didn't do the job. He lost conscience and woke up next to his nurse uncle and other medical staff. After a while, they finally sent him back home for not that much of a time. The docs where starting to think that they should amputate boozer, that the thing was maybe a bone tumor or something. His thigh made 39' of circonference and it was still growing.

    Not long before he was supposed to get operated, a doctor from montreal talked to his family and told them that maybe there was hope if they could send him to the shriners hospital of canada. They had specialists in OI and he knew that one there had seen one case like this in his life, this doc only had heard of this once, and he knew it wasn't a tumour.

    So off they went to montreal. Boozer was hospitalised for 6 months in a row, the longest in his life. He was depressed, talked about suicide, was in pain so much that he couldn't even move anymore unless it was his mouth or eyes, had lost most of his muscles and his thigh made now 42' of circonference. They made him wear a corset to stabilise his spine. He broke a couple of bones there, such as a tibia and a femur (in which they put a metal rod).

    After that, he went back home (he was 5 and was starting school soon). Physiotherapy and "torture" brought him back at a stable point, where he could barely stand but at least he was able to sit straight in a wheelchair. While he was in montreal, they had given him benzos on the nights he wasn't able to sleep.

    When he was 6, he was involed in a car accident on the highway. He squashed 6 vertebras, broke a tibia and had pain to his head.

    Anyway, he underwent surgery multiple times in his life:

    - the hernia (3 M.O)
    - the broken femur (9 M.O.)
    - criconcision (5yo)
    - femur rod (5yo)
    - both tibia rods (6yo)
    - right arm radial head removal (8yo)
    - femur rod change and femoral head being put in place as it had moved (10 yo) (this is the surgery that made boozer lose again his muscles and almost made him lose any hope in his efforts)
    - left tibia rod replacement and tibia twist around (they cut his bone in half then turned the bottom part upside-down so the bone could be straight when it would repair) (12 yo)
    - multiple bone biopsies (at least 6) each requiring genral anhesthesia

    He also broke more than 15 bones including:
    both tibias (mlutiple time), a fibula, both femurs (multiple time), both his right arm bones (two times), an ankle, multiple ribs, the tailbone, his right elbow, his right shoulder...

    He also suffered multiple (over 30) medically unnoted micro bone fractures (they can't see anything on the x rays but boozer felt bone pain).

    Other awful things he got: over 17 scars, legs, arms and upper body are deformed (the only thing normal is his head), he got 47°-40° scoliosis (his spine makes a S), lordosis (the bottom also curves inward), he's slighlty curving on the right side when standing straight, Has a difference of 10 cm between each of his leg lenght, is really complexed about his manhood :confused: and has a couple pounds to lose...

    To add to it: most people in his life betrayed him, used him or left him when he tried to talk about all the sad things he lived because they said that he was too down. He never got much friends that didn't manipulate him until he was 14, an even then they used him.
    How can someone be positive when one suffered all boozer suffered. He sometimes really hates society for not even caring about him, leaving him all alone and making him feel like he's a burden to the tax payers. (If boozer doesn't have a Ph D or at least really good education he probably never will have a job, since around where he is there is a popular belief that handicapped people needs to be pitied). Boozer just wants to fine a normal girl that could appreciate him for what he is. Maybe he isn't made to live... Anyway I would like to know what he did or will do to deserve such as life...

    Sorry people, I know I will probably lose the few friends I made on DF now that you all know how depressive and violent boozer can be. :cry:

    Please know that boozer loves you all even if he was raped by life.

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  1. cyndi
    Hey as someone that had a nightmare of a childhood, I feel your pain. My mom was a drug addict, bad off, and bipolar and skitzophrenic sp? She was very abusive. I will spare you what she did to mostly me. I protected my younger brothers so got most of the beatings and torture. Dear old dad abandoned us and we lived off and on with relatives when she was in jail. I then married a whacko who stole my children when they were 7 and 10, never saw them again. Now I am married to another whacko (I attract them like flies)but won't get out since I won't lose kids again. That is a short version of my horrid life. Do I dwell on it, hell no. If so it would make me insane. I have to try to look at the positive. God blessed me with good kids and excellent friends among other things.

    Yeah life seems to hand us some bad cards, but look at good things around you. Forget that hussy. It is better now than married and dealing with divorce. Don't let a good woman go if you meet her due to that experience. Give it some time, things will work out. You are in my prayers.:vibes:
  2. drbeer
    Thanks cyndi, I don't want to let good women go, but when they learn the truth about me I get told that I have an evil aura surrounding me. All that because of the pain I lived...

    Anyway, I try to let the light go through me and try to reflect it to others, that way the evil will be dispelled.
  3. mickenator
    Life can be so hard Boozer, I know this as I have spent my life bringing myself up. From being a child to being 14 I was phsysically and mentally abused by my mother but not sexually then after she left things have gone down hill. I have never got over the scars of what's happened to me but I have decided that fuck it nothing is going to beat me down and I will be someone. This is how Boozer should try and feel if something tries to knock you down then get back up and say you will not beat me Iam better than that. I know it can seem impossible at times but you have to try. All The best mate and keep smileing.
  4. purplehaze

    Phaze has been there aswell. I liked the co-sign thing i saw truth do, it made me lol when i saw it lol.

    Phaze had a bad life too, wont go into to much detail but around drugs, bad people, isolated to his room and coming home with chemist in the house. not just cooking meth but anything they could find, to many bad people in phazes life, he had to be a man to fast, started selling drugs when he was younger, being around whores, drug addicts, feigns etc. anything to buy dope from a 14 yo right.

    Anyways, life goes on man, its shit, but your all you got. When you realize that maybe you can lower your expectations and realize that your happy with what you got. If your like the rest of us, your not happy, and you probably never will be 100% and thats because of the ways of the world. But if you can find happiness in yourself, you can find a woman and possibly live a mediocre life.

    Life just seems to deal some of us good cards and some of us bad cards, but the ones who got the bad cards are bound to get a ace every now and then.

    If you ever need to talk, hit phaze up, he is very down to earth, has been through alot of shit, and isnt gonna be like omg really thats fucked up about anything, because he has seen way to much way to early, now it doesn't even phase him, life goes on.
  5. drbeer
    Yeah, boozer is like phaze too... if phase need a talk he can count on him also!
  6. drbeer
    Thanks for all your sweets words boozer loves them. Please, don't hesitate to share boozer your bad moments. He can understand them!
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