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By WashedCNDL · Aug 14, 2016 · ·
  1. WashedCNDL
    I get bored a lot. When I was young I loudly and often complained of boredom.

    I feel mildly bored now. I want to use drugs when I'm bored. I've read that it's one of the most common reasons for relapse, boredom. With six tabs in the fridge, the thought of taking returns and leaves my mind. The boredom is frustrating, at times. Eating for something to do. Fill the time.

    There are plenty of things to do, it's a state of mind. I could read or write or watch a new tv show or anything other than get high. Clean. Sleep. Instead of sitting and drinking and smoking.

    One phrase hangs in my mind for a moment "saw the universe, now I'm bored". Yet I haven't. Little moves.

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  1. fleur du mal
    I know this feeling. It seems like whenever I don't have any work to do, all I can think about is getting high. People have tons of leisure time compared to centuries past, and in the absence of a real struggle to survive, our minds crave meaningful activity. Instead of finding meaning in "normal" things, I find it in drugs. I'm sure that's probably a sentiment shared by many here.
  2. Count Quagula
    "I'm damned if I do and bored if I don't" - unknown
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