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  1. Terrapinzflyer
    Bournemouth club in drugs check closed

    Police tests at a nightclub which held under-18 events revealed the highest level of drugs ever recorded in Bournemouth and Poole.

    Empire club in Bournemouth’s town centre was ordered to close and had its license revoked yesterday by the licensing committee.

    On three separate visits, police using chemical swabs found traces of cocaine in the male and female toilets.

    The 7.36 recording taken in the male upstairs toilet on October 9 are the highest yet found by police.

    Officers also found traces of the horse tranquilliser Ketamine and Ecstasy.

    The 480-capacity club is spread across three floors and would usually host under-18s parties in the basement, said police.

    They only found four door staff on duty – not enough to stop youngsters moving into the main part of the club.

    Officers also toured the club and found fire exits blocked or jammed shut, and said young people without ID were found under the influence of alcohol in the premises.

    Gail Wade, the police’s licensing officer, said: “We have evidence of children drinking in the venue, absolutely no control on the premises, and a refusal from the supervisor Mr Safaee to work with us.”

    Supervisor Hasaan Safaee said the club was drug-free before police arrived and said: “It must have been a ghost that left them.”

    Committee Cllr David Kelsey asked him: “You are accusing the police of tampering with the drugs evidence?”

    Mr Safaee replied: “Exactly.”

    Mr Safaee also insisted no alcohol was sold when under-18s were present and that he had tried to submit an application for stricter conditions at the request of police.

    However Cllr Andrew Morgan, the board chairman, told him: “In my opinion you have not been honest in your answers.

    “We are particularly concerned about the accusations you have made against Dorset Police.”

    The club was known as Alcatraz until 2006 and Mr Safaee became the designated supervisor in 2007.

    by Stephen Bailey
    Friday 22nd January 2010



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