Boy, 1, eats parents' Ecstasy pill

By chillinwill · Sep 1, 2009 · ·
  1. chillinwill
    STOCKTON - The parents of a toddler who was hospitalized after eating an Ecstasy pill on Saturday were arrested, the Police Department reported.

    Their 1-year-old son was first taken to St. Joseph's Medical Center but was later flown to an area children's hospital in serious condition.

    Police said that on Friday night, the couple argued over the pill in a home in the 600 block of West Worth Street. During the argument, the pill fell to the ground, where it remained until the following morning, when their son found it and ate it.

    Feleia Estrada, 24, and Angelo Medina, 22, were arrested on suspicion of child abuse.

    August 30, 2009

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  1. cannabis-sam
    These parents were careless, but I don't think it makes them bad people, just slightly irresponsible, I wouldn't put it on the same level as child abuse more on the level of leaving easily opened cleaning products on the floor with kids around, people should be more careful, but I don't think it warrents the parents being arrested and charged with child abuse. I mean it's clear they didn't purposefully feed the pill to the child if that had been the case, maybe harsher charges should have been in order, but this is obviously an accident due to carelessness not a malicous act.
  2. Nemba
    Wait what? So a one-year-old survived eating an e? Regardles of the tragic shit on all sides of this, that's pretty sweet.

    Is there any more information on this? like what was in that pill and what exactly happened to the child?

    It seems a little cold to be thinking about that kind of stuff rather than the other implications, but cases like this are the only way we'll find these things out, as it's obviously ridiculously unethical and downright evil to feed babies huge doses of strong drugs as medical experiments.
  3. bubbly nubs
    I am quite surprised (and obviously glad) that this child survived. I agree that the parents were careless and that child abuse is a too harsh charge.
  4. LostCelestial
    Agreed. If we start locking people up for being idiots then we'll have to build a wall around a a one mile square and call everything outside that 'prison'.

    It kinda sucks to be those parents, and probably that kid, but the kid survives then no harm done, and those guys will NEVER bring drugs home again.
  5. psyche
    Glad and surprised that a 1-year-old survived an E pill.

    But don't you think it's a bit contradiction to the desired effects of E to be fighting over it?
  6. sandoz1943
    Agreed who fights on E? I am glad they were smart enough and took the child for medical help. They could have very well freaked out and done the wrong thing. They should be punished but not to harshly they were stupid and careless lots of kids get hurt by stupid careless parenting. If you punish them too harshly it might make parents hesitate before seeking help. Hesitation in a case like this might prove deadly. Lets hope they get some much needed parenting classes.
  7. ninjaned
    i think cannibus sam summed it up, these people may be idiots, but they don't seem like child abusers.
  8. nomud
    Babies and toddlers are accident waiting to happen.It's impossible to watch them 100% of the time.Could have been mothball,100 aspirin or another poison v. X.So X isn't issue,any poison accessible is.Swim often baby sits for friends.Thus swim is very careful to mind the babies.In this case parents are at fault.
  9. Rainbowzz
    Swim will probably get bad rep or something for this but..:laugh:

    I am sorry, but having drugs in the same area as children? BIG nono. In swims mind. Swim has an eighteen month old son and even her RX meds are kept in a different room, away in a cupboard. It takes one second for a child to get at something you didnt think they could have, for you to drop a single pill thats enough to kill the child, or for some other mishap to happen.

    Number two? doing hard drugs while your child is under your care, sorry, but no excuse for that either. Now im not talking about having a few puffs from a joint, or a beer or two, although i side with getting a babysitter even then...i guess im just ultra protective of my boy..better should something happen hes with a sitter than alone with me and ive been drinking/smoking. Not only is it risky but if childrens services found out, away your baby goes.

    Are they abusive? No. Thats not child abuse, I dont think. However it is neglect in a form, as they are neglecting to provide a safe environment for their child to explore and learn in. Keep your pills in a seperate environment, if you have to, walk into the other room, take them, put them back, and go back to what you were doing. with kids you can never be too safe. Swim just hates to think what if her darling boy got ahold of her oxycodone 10s? And took a few?That is enough to kill a child. It sounds like im being paranoid but one death of a child is too many, in this case. I dont care WHAT the drug is, even aspirin can kill a child eventually.:thumbsdown:
  10. nibble
    This reminds me of a storyline in an Irish soap opera (which is absolutely terrible BTW) where a toddler found and ate an "E" that had been dropped on the floor, as a result the child died. Thankfully that wasn't the outcome here.
  11. WTF O_o
    Imagine him telling people at school when he's older that he did his first pill when he was 1 lol

    This kid was born to rave!!! :crazy

    So glad he didn't die though, and agree that the parents should no way be charged with child abuse. they just stupid
  12. SullyGuy
    Child abuse/neglect aside, my cat wonders how far along the pill was, and if he will suffer any impairment as he develops...
  13. anonuser30500
    There's a difference between child neglect and child abuse.

    Had the parents forced the e down the throat of the child, it is abuse.

    Forgetting they had an e in the same room as the child is neglect.

    The court will have to look at the circumstances the child is living in before they judge. We do not know if the child was properly cared for in all other aspects of child care.

    IF the child was otherwise happy and the parents have some parenting skills and are of sound mind then they will have learnt a BIG lesson and one that many others were just lucky not to go through.

    I just hope the child really is ok.

    As stated here, if we were harsh on the couple, it might well influence other less caring folk to simply perhaps let the child ride it out because otherwise they will be going to jail.
  14. port 21
    My thoughts exactly.
    Although to your second point, i guess we'll find out in 10 years and see if the kid experiences any problems. Im sure this isnt the last we've heard of the case.

    Although its obviously quite bad, Im proud of the little warrior. :p
  15. Subvert
    That's terrible. :laugh:

    SWIM has a friend who says his mother was stoned when she went into labour and was therefor born stoned...

    But getting back to the issue at hand -
    SWIM does not believe these people are guilty of child abuse per se,
    But must be incredibly irresponsible to have dropped an E and not pick It up, Especially with a baby around. Tut tut, Leaving "hard drugs" lying around...Not clever.

    But to be fair It can happen with anything,
    When SWIM was a kid he ate a glass test tube from his sisters chemistry kit which was crunched up into shards and miraculously was unharmed.
  16. g666d
    swim has known 'families' that in all honesty wouldn't have bothered taking kid to hospital, except to cover their asses.
    doesn't know if that is the case here.
    reminded of case of meth users (also users of dihydrogen monoxide) pinning baby to clothes line for kicks, might post article if anyone interested.
    point is if they love and care for kid and was genuinely accident, there are much worse parents could be had.
    Anything that makes it harder for them to parent well(fines, convictions, penalties) is pointless and destructive, swim thinks.
    Doesn't read to be case of abuse or neglect, swim thinks, just an accident.
    If they half decent people will punish themselves more than judicial process could ever dream of, esp if any kind of brain damage results.
    This justice system we got is pretty crappy. Planet wide.
    agree with points above, rainbowzz you make me think some. Maybe it is neglect, kinda like if baby drowns in bath or pulls a hot iron off board. Seems a shame to punish people already full of remorse though, and don't know if holds any deterrent value for anyone else. I mean, who plans this shit?
  17. missparkles
    Gonna go with Rainbowzz here. All parents have a responsibility to their kids, to bring them up in a safe, caring, nurturing, environment. If these parents see it as normal to leave substances lying around, then they are definitely neglectful parents.
    Sparkles thinks parents should be able to take what they want (God knows with the stress of parenting they might need it) but to argue over one pill...and then not notice it was missing? How did they know their child had taken it? Did they see the child take it, did the child begin behaving strangely...or did the child collapse? I'd like to know a little more about this story. If these parents left a tablet they were fighting about...just lost the tablet...and didn't even bother to look for it, knowing what it was, and knowing they had a one year old running about. Then they deserve the child abuse charge, cos it means they didn't care.
    Ecstasy might be a recreational drug to a lot of adults, but this is a one year old child, he could be permanently damaged by this. Would people be so keen to see it as just "careless" if it had been their child, or their brother, or grandchild, who had been in this house, and "accidentally" taken this tablet?
    No, I think they'd be calling it something quite different.
    As far as the negative effects of punishing these parents too harshly, preventing other parents from summoning help for their kids? Parents that give a damn wouldn't hesitate to call an ambulance if their kid was sick, regardless of the reason. Parents that don't give a damn, won't be affected by any punishment these parents get, good or bad.
  18. exohlove
    i agree with missparkles and rainbowzz. if the pill is worth fighting over, you should damn well notice if it goes missing.

    i don't have kids, but jesus.. watch your shit if you have a little one around.
  19. Jasim
    This could turn into a case study. First, I really hope the kid is okay. But I also would love to see this kid tracked through development. MDMA is neurotoxic, there is little doubt of that, but the circumstances and specifics are still a little cloudy. I wonder if they tested the kids blood to find out if it actually was MDMA or some mixture of something else. The greatest scientific discoveries are often from accidents for lack of better methods due to ethical considerations. Who knows, maybe the kid will turn into a genius. Not likely. But the effects of MDMA on an un-developed brain are very much unknown.
  20. EscapeDummy
    I disagree; 'letting the child ride' could very well end in the death of the child, in which case they're DEFINITELY going to jail; most people aren't going to gamble with the lives of their baby when it could very well be dead soon. And the horrible parents who will gamble, would do it anyway, regardless of what occurs in this case. I completely side with Rainbowzz on this, this is criminal child neglect and they should certainly be punished. MDMA is NOT good for an undeveloped brain.
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