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  1. mopsie

    A Spokesman for the Camden County Prosecutor Said a Smidgen Of Marijuana Was Found in a Napkin.

    A city already rocked by drug overdoses, reverse stings and drug-ring busts yesterday was grappling with the news that a 4-year-old boy had brought a small amount of marijuana to a Head Start center.

    The drugs were found Thursday morning when the child motioned to get a teacher's attention at a Head Start facility at Broadway and Pine Street, said Bill Shralow, a spokesman for the Camden County Prosecutor's Office.

    Shralow said the boy was holding a napkin wrapped around a "minuscule" amount of marijuana.

    No one has been arrested. The prosecutor's office and the state Division of Youth and Family Services are investigating, Shralow said.

    Michael Kantner, deputy chief of the prosecutor's investigators, said the agency's child-abuse unit had been assigned to follow the case.

    "We're totally shocked," said Arnold Byrd, executive director of the board that oversees the Head Start center. "The only thing we really can do is try to talk to the parents and educate them."

    The Head Start network serves 1,200 students at 28 centers throughout Camden County, Byrd said.

    He estimated that about 180 children, most of them Camden residents, attend the center.

    In December, a toddler brought crack cocaine to a day-care center at Broad Street and Belfield Avenue in Philadelphia. In October, a 5-year-old in the Port Richmond section of the city brought eight bags of heroin to an elementary school. Neither child had ingested any of the drugs.

    source mapt


  1. Creeping Death
    Why are the kids bringing it to the school? Theyre not selling it or anything.
  2. Micklemouse
    Show and Tell, perhaps?
  3. Alicia
    "Look teacher, look what mummy puts in her colorful wind instrument."
  4. Sitbcknchill
    I wonder if the little boy will get charged and sent away for 10-15.....lol I wouldn't put it passed them....

    Hey thats possesion within 1000 feet of a school....grounds for the death penalty....
  5. blackbastard
    eight bags of heroin to school?

    who has that amount just lying around?
    swim doesnt know too many h fans, but surely they're a little more responsible than that?
  6. Nature Boy
    How does one "grapple" with such heart-wrenching news. Now where's that sarcasm smilie?
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