Boy drank gasoline to copy his TV heroes

By chillinwill · Aug 6, 2009 · ·
  1. chillinwill
    A 14-YEAR-OLD boy drank gasoline for five years to obtain "energy" - just as his idols "Bumble Bee" or "Optimus Prime" do in "Transformers," the Sichuan-based West China Metropolis Daily reported yesterday.

    After the boy, in Yibin City, southwest Sichuan Province, had watched the animated TV series, he began to drink gasoline to become a "valiant fighter" like "Optimus Prime," his father told the newspaper.

    "He began to drink gasoline five years ago, when we found he liked smelling lighter fuel," he said.

    The boy's mother owned a grocery stall, selling small goods such as lighters.

    In 2004, she often found lighters missing two or three days after she'd bought them. She later found that her son had been stealing them.

    The parents talked to their son and asked him not to do it again. "But afterwards we found our motorcycle's gasoline was always disappearing, and one day when we found the boy had drunk a half bottle of gasoline stolen from the motorcycle, we were too shocked to say anything," the father said.

    IQ dropped

    They locked the motorcycle away after that but the boy began to steal gasoline from neighbors and was drinking more and more - two or three bottles at a time.

    "Since my son started to drink gas, his IQ has dropped sharply and now he can't figure out simple addition and subtraction," the father said.

    "Before that, he was a very smart boy, and he could even repair the television. But now he does not know the answer of 7 plus 17."

    The worried parents finally took their son to hospital where they were told the boy had a mental disorder and a strong "gasoline dependence."

    "The gasoline contains a lot of lead, which can do harm to people's brains. To make thing even worse, the boy is in the physical development stage, and the lead has caused serious damage to his body," Peng Houquan, a doctor from a hospital in Yibin, said.

    "Transformers" is now a Hollywood blockbuster movie franchise and the second live-action film is currently breaking box office records in China.

    "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen" has gained 400 million yuan (US$58.4 million) in the country, breaking the record set by "Titanic" 10 years ago.

    July 20, 2009
    Shanghai Daily

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  1. rhcpeppers1234
    As sad as this is....I still find myself laughing and wondering, why the FUCK didnt the parents do anything the first time they found him stealing shit???
  2. ex-junkie
    not to be rude, but how fucking pathetic. for the kid and the parents.
  3. coelho
    Well... if someone started drinking gasoline because he saw it on TV, probably he already hadnt a much high IQ to start with...
  4. chinpokomaster
    Why the fuck did he decide to start drinking gasoline, then?!

    Yes, but he probably only learnt that so he could continue to watch cartoon characters drinking petrol.
  5. Phungushead
    There is seriously something missing from this story, either that or it is
    some kind of joke or sarcasm. Maybe since the story is from China,
    somehow there was a mistake in translation or something. I don't know,
    but there is just something not right here.

    If this kid was really drinking as much gasoline as this article leads you to
    believe, he would have probably been dead a long time ago... if not from
    the gasoline itself, from the severe damage and resulting complications to
    his organs that drinking all that shit over that period of time would have

    This is from the department of health's agency for toxic substances and
    disease registry. I know the story is in China, but I kind of doubt that
    their gas any less toxic than in the US (which is what the below is talking
    about). In fact, since China's gasoline still has lead added, that would
    make it even worse...

    And that is for an acute poisoning... supposedly this kid was drinking 2 or
    3 bottles of gas (and god only knows how big these bottles they are
    talking about are) over 5 years. Is it even possible to become "dependent"
    on gasoline, like listed in the article? Correct me if I am wrong here, but I
    have never heard of that in my life.

    It makes me wonder what the background is behind this kid in the first
    place. I mean, anyone over the age of at least 5 knows not to drink stuff
    like that. And I don't think gasoline would taste exactly good... there are
    plenty of other things out there that will give you "energy", like the article
    claims the kid was trying to get. Don't you think after a few times of
    drinking gas (and probably getting pretty damn sick) he would have gotten
    the point that maybe that wasn't a good idea?

    Anyway, just my 2 cents... I really hope that this is a prank of some kind,
    but if this is serious/true, then it is beyond screwed up (the worst part
    being the reaction by the parents - I know that if I had a kid who began
    to drink gasoline, I certainly would not wait as long as this kid's parents
    did to take him to a hospital [medical or mental in this case] - one of the
    main responsibilities of a parent is to protect their kid, which they have
    severely failed at seeing as how it seems that they were aware of this
    pretty much the whole time).

    There's gotta be more to this. Is anyone else thinking that this is
    somehow flawed?

    On a less serious note though, that's taking the whole "you are what you
    eat" sentiment to a literal extreme - drink gas, become a transformer :laugh:
  6. chinpokomaster
    Soon the chinese government will be forcing kids to drink the stuff to help their economy.
  7. shanesmith7
    wait! wait! wait!....? The iranians at the gas station never told me to NOT do this :eek: Oh god!
  8. EscapeDummy
    I don't feel bad for the kid at all, if the story is accurate. It's his own damn fault for drinking gasoline. What an idiot.
  9. cra$h
    haha, no wonder he couldn't do math, he was fuckin drunk all the time! The parents should be sentanced to death by gasoline. If your kid's drinking something TOXIC, I could understand it being a one time thing, but if it's a daily occurance, and they even knew how much he was drinking, then it's time to step in and call the kid a fuckin retard
  10. missparkles
    Pardon me for being so skeptical but I gotta go with Phungushead on this one. Something definitely doesn't add up. If I were more suspicious I'd say this is the warm up for a compensation claim against the oil company. ;)
    The parents feigned ignorance, the permanent damage to a "developing" brain. A parent would notice the changes immediately and do something straight away. Why wait this long? :s
    It sound well dodgy to me.
    But then Sparkles has an untrusting nature...all the drugs she supposes.:laugh:
  11. anonuser30500
    The parents should be arrested for negligence at the very least - possibly other serious charges if this child has some long term damage.

    Stealing lighters, no parent could second guess the child was drinking the gasoline - but when they found him drinking gasoline from the motorcycle, any parent with an ounce worth of common sense would run to the nearest hospital, not become (in their own words) "speechless.

    No doctor in any big hospital would be surprised if a 14 yr old was addicted to gasoline, or a dozen or more other toxic substances which get you high.

    The parents failed in their duty big time.

    I would have literally car-jacked someone to get my younger relatives to hospital if they drank petrol.

    PS - one of my uncles jumped out his bedroom window to be like Superman.

    Daft sod!
  12. chinpokomaster
    Reckon he'd win in a fight against Rubberduckzilla (for people who don't like petrol)?
  13. NeuroChi
    It is possible to become addicted to gasoline, as it is a very addictive substance along with many other solvents. I imagine it would be possible to become dependent on it as well.

    The same article is covered by China Daily, in a little more detail.

    It seems your assumption was correct Phungushead. There are some pieces of this story missing, or it is over exaggerated. See bold font above.
  14. missparkles
    He was stupid to begin with. The parents are setting up a compensation claim. ;)
  15. hamsterdam
    What the fuck?

    Gasoline is some SERIOUSLY corrosive shit. Just inhaling the vapors directly will burn like a bitch (unfortunately i found out the hard way... i was refilling a lawnmower one time and wasn't being too careful, and got a good whiff of gasoline vapors.. It knocked me back for a second and it HURT.. no freakin idea how people huff this shit).

    I'm inclined to say the article is bogus, drinking gasoline would probably kill you very quickly.
  16. cannabis-sam
    Maybe this is some bad journalism, I do find it very hard to believe someone sustained a petrol habit for so long. But the impression I got from the article is that the boy did not start on the petrol, but on solvents, as mentioned in the article in 2004 he was caught stealing lighters to inhale the gas. So that is, I believe where the five year figure came from, it wasn't until he was caught drinking the petrol that this was reported so, this doesn't nessessarily mean he was constantly abusing petrol for five years.

    Either that or it's complete bullshit.

    At least the kid wasn't dumb enough to try smoking it.
  17. Frond
    Meh, this just seems to be propaganda aimed at subduing public outcry over what I expect soon enough will be a ban on the Transformers cartoons or the movies.
  18. shhpongebob
    i assume people cut gasoline before huffing. or maybe taking small little breaths from a distance above the container? i have no idea, where im from people tend to be addicted to drugs, not explosives.

    another thing, hmm, im pretty skeptical of this article too, does it come from china? hmm, prehaps it could be a news outlet or the family or whoever trying to cast shadows on the transformer movie. though it kinda comes off as the kid and parents being stupid instead.

    one thing phungushead brought up, the bottles of gas in china for motercycle/scooters (which are very very popular in the parts of asia i have been to, which is really just bali indonesia) are just the size of bottles and are made of glass. one roadside vendor was selling petrol out of absolute vodka cans. (and smoking a ciggarete as she worked!)
  19. bcubed
    I would like to point is not entirely impossible that the parents DID THIS to the kid--or at least encouraged it--in hopes of making money off of a lawsuit. (I'm not necessarily saying that's what happened, but it is within the realm of possibility...)
  20. cra$h
    why? because there's not a sign on gas pumps that say "do not drink"? Damn, what's this country comming to? Next thing you know swim'll buy some tylenol that says "do not inject", or hell, he'll buy drugs that say do not operate heavy machinery while under the influence.
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