Boy uses bible page for joint.

By chillinwill · Sep 23, 2009 · ·
  1. chillinwill
    Authorities in Ohio said a 16-year-old arrested for drug possession allegedly used a page torn from his Bible as a marijuana cigarette rolling paper.

    The Erie County sheriff deputy's report said the teenager's mother called authorities at about 11:35 p.m. Tuesday and asked deputies to meet her at a car wash on Ohio 101 in Margaretta Township, the Sandusky (Ohio) Register reported Monday.

    The mother told deputies she had seen her son smoking in his room and discovered a small bag of marijuana in his nightstand.

    The report said the woman told deputies the boy "was smoking a marijuana cigarette using a page from his Bible."

    Deputies confiscated the marijuana and the boy was arrested and charged with drug possession.

    September 21, 2009

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  1. cyndi
    So did swim's son. It was horrifying.
  2. Nemba
    That's sickening. Those must taste nasty. Mmmm blasphemous though.

    But what's more sickening is that this person called the police on her 16-year-old kid for smoking weed... That is so sad.
  3. Coconut
    If the ink wasn't toxic, my tree would use every page in the Bible to roll joints without thinking twice about it. Then he'd go for the Qu'ran, the Talmud and the Torah. Think about those nice, thin pages, superior to Rizla Silvers in every way. Mmm.

    This is just an example of typical drug reporting mixed with religious sensationalism, as though using a page from the Bible makes the crime that much worse. Nonsense.
  4. podge
    I can imagine what would happen were this story from the bible belt in the states :

    "Boy gets let off with a warning for cannabis use ..... but gets 20 years for destruction of a bible , local priest said the boy will surely rot in hell for all eternity ".

    Fuck people must be desperate to use any old piece of paper for a spliff, proper skins/papers are cheap and not hard to find, who wants to smoke ink ? Uuuccck. Plus everyone knows the mormon bible tastes way better than the catholic one.:laugh:
  5. grecian
    Never mind, plenty more bibles in the world!

    Swim knows of people who have resorted to this. It's much more appealing than paper from regular books because of the difference in thickness.

    Use a blank sheet or part of a sheet that is blank.
  6. Smirnoff
    weird mother.. usualy they try to talk to their son... but she decided to snitch him... thats crazy...

    and now all the kids that didn't knew about bible pages used to roll joints know it.. I find it funny when the media tries to discourage young people from smoking by showing them boys getting caught but at the same time they give them tricks to smoke...
  7. Bajeda
    Try Smoking Master brand. Best papers ever.

    Seriously though, how hard is it to just stock up on rolling papers?
  8. Potter
    Why is that horrifying? At least it was holy.
  9. grecian

    Everyone must have got caught short, so to speak, at some time. Swim knows he has... desperately searching through coat pockets or under a couch for an old discarded paper.

    If Swim was in a hotel room at 5am with a bible in the corner and an eigth in his pocket then he knows he would not be led away from temptation (or delivered from evil, so to speak).
  10. Alfa
    At last! A book of smoking papers that will not run out anytime soon! Ask your local tobacconist.
  11. Terrapinzflyer
    Actually- some of the good bibles use rice paper and soy based inks- turtle and friends kept one around when they lived in the boondocks. Quite useful and not bad at all. A stick of spaghetti lit from the stove always works in a pinch when no lighter/matches are available.

    Revelations was always turtles favorite- especially on those long psychedelic nights. ;)
  12. anonuser30500
    Its a sin to burn most books. I mean, if you don't want to read it then pass it on - someone will read it eventually.

    I can see why people generally dismiss religion but Swim supposed it boils down to one religion and the agnostics and atheists calling the 50/50 odds once we pass away.

    Believers doubt their faith, those who have no faith have second thoughts also.

    We're all agreed that life is a mystery though.

    DNA, a smattering of theory on space and time, monkeys learning the piano eventually? All a mystery innit?

    What is not a mystery is the availability of rolling papers.
  13. bulkdandaman
    I heard rasta's could use certain pages out of the 'good book' if they run out of skins...

    a mate of mine did it a few years ago too, although he isn't a rasta :laugh:
  14. sirmoonie
    Why did she want to meet the cops at midnight at a car wash? A desire of such nature that she left a stoned, devil-worshipping, 16 year old punk in the house alone?

    There may be more to this than just the smoked Bible angle.

  15. whitenoise
    SWIM use to do this all the time. SWIM comes from the bible belt and growing up with an agnostic mother and Buddhist father SWIM had a diffuclt time living in a small overbearing Christan town. SWIM also was given holy water that was that was blessed at the Vatican for bong water. Now that SWIM has grown up he has let go of the personal resentment directed at religion but at the same time cant help but smile thinking about his blasphemous old ways.
  16. Chlorate
    How pathetic. The boy's own mother calling the police on her own son. She could have accomplished much more by just having a talk with him...
  17. ninjaned
    this thread made me lol. one of swims friends always rips out page 420 of the bible and uses it as joint paper.
  18. MrG
    Let's see, a book written by a multitude of self-interested religious groups, based on stories passed down by word of mouth through numerous generations of ignorant, illiterate goat herders and highly edited over a couple of thousand years to reflect the changing needs of the various churches who, when they can't get away with claiming it as being factual, try to attach some sort of woolly, "faith" based, interpretation, gets mentioned in this news story for why exactly?

    So apart from it's valuable use as emergency toilet paper, it can also be used for skins?

  19. b3ni
    But if it's a catholic bible, it's smoking the rizlas of Christ. Protestant ones only symbolise the rizlas of Christ.
  20. Guttz
    Swim just might have to try this new and spiritual way of rolling his joints.
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