Brain-Damaged Girl Sues Alleged Nitrous Seller

By trptamene · Sep 15, 2007 · Updated Jan 14, 2010 · ·
  1. trptamene
    Brain-Damaged Girl Sues Alleged Nitrous Seller
    Sheriff: Investigations Have Not Linked Crash To Nitrous Use

    BOCA RATON, Fla. -- The parents of a South Florida teenager who got into a serious car crash after she and friend inhaled nitrous oxide are suing the video store that allegedly sold the cartridges.

    The suit says Jamie Cook and friend Priya Bhaskar bought the cartridges known as "whippets" and paraphernalia to inhale the gas from Gold Coast Video for $40 just before the crash.

    "I seriously doubt that anyone in this room who is going to make whipped cream, would go to Gold Coast Video to get these cartridges," said Cook's father, Michael Cook.

    Cook was in a coma for four weeks after the crash and suffers from permanent brain damage.

    Palm Beach County Sheriff's investigations have not linked the crash to nitrous use. Bhaskar, who was driving the car when it crashed six months ago, was not been charged and is not involved in the suit.

    Florida law forbids the sale of nitrous oxide, which is also known as "laughing gas," for the purpose of intoxication. But investigators said proving that anyone at the video store knew that Cook and Bhaskar were going to use the gas to get high would be difficult.

    A manager at Gold Coast Video, who would only identify himself as Don, calls the lawsuit "frivolous." He said the nitrous oxide was sold in an adult room so customers could make their own flavors of whipped cream.

    Don said the store did not sell the two items as a package.

    "If someone buys this, this and this and builds an atomic bomb, how can we be held responsible for it?" he said.

    Gold Coast Video no longer sells the canisters and balloons (pictured, right). Don said they pulled them to avoid more trouble with the lawsuit.

    April 14, 2007

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  1. Abrad
    What a load of shit.
    People need to learn to take responsibility for their own actions.
  2. Heretic.Ape.
    Jesus, maybe I'll make a thread prefix for "parents suing..."
  3. trptamene

    My thoughts exactly. Notice the location also, only in america...

    We need a thread titled "only in america..." for things like this; like with one of those add-to-it prefixes
  4. Nagognog2
    Needs an avatar. Like a flapping US flag and a Black man hanging from a tree over a cheering (white) crowd.
  5. Tranquil Toad
    Considering nitrous lasts all of 5 mins max, its ridiculous to assume it was the cause of the crash. Unless these 2 girls were stupid enough to actually inhale it WHILE driving, in which case they got what was coming.
  6. Alfa
    Well even if N2O would have any part in their car crash; they where the ones who inhaled a gas instead of oxygen to alter their consciousness just before driving a car. Not the video store staff. SMF's.
  7. Paracelsus
    Something similar happened in New Zealand. Look it up.

    What's next: shooting ketamine or smoking DMT while driving? Gottverdammt.
  8. Nagognog2
    There was an idiot in my old town. He went driving around in his pick-up truck with a cylinder of N2O next to him with a rubber-hose in his mouth from it. I'd heard he was doing this. Then the lights went out at my house. Guess what he ran into and broke.

    Yup - a telephone pole.
  9. fnord
    my ex was famous for ending up on top of snow banks while inhaling dust off,another good pick in a long line of smart girlfriends...
  10. Alfa
    Derailing this thread are we? ;) Don't forget to PM this thread to her. She might miss it. :D
  11. AntiAimer
    Another poor idiot...=/
  12. Tortoise
    Who the fuck is stupid enough to take whippets whilst driving? These morons are the reason why drug users are looked down upon by others. They give PTANU (people that are not us) a bad name. Fuck 'em.
  13. Paracelsus
    Let's try not to ramble anymore and discuss this issue seriously. There ain't much to say other than 'Darwin Award'.
  14. sarbanes
    For once I agree with all of you. People need to use drugs responsibly, or not at all. Irresponsible drug users, erroneously (& unfortunately), give even the best of us a bad name.
  15. rocksmokinmachine
    The sad thing is, the poor shop owner will probably end up paying through his nose for this girls idiocy. Only in America.
  16. BackToBasics
    So, judging by that, next time there's a drunk driver who ends up in a crash, they will sue the off-licence for selling it to them in the first place? Morons.
  17. Bajeda

    Close enough?


    Unfortunately the US has very strict liability laws, so yes, a bartender can technically be held responsible for car crashes or other events that occur after his patrons leave the bar. All it takes is for a drunk person to walk through the bar then go out and trip into a bus and that bar could be sued.

    Keep in mind that French girl who died in the Netherlands and that her parents sued. I think its just something about drugs and parents suing.... no one wants to think their kids would do drugs, especially with all the propaganda about, and passing on the blame to someone else for "making" whatever unfortunate event occur because they introduced drugs into the equation is probably the easiest way to stay in denial.
  18. Mint boi
    Bah, population control ftw, legalize everything and let the idiots sort themselves out. Anyone have any idea how this will pan out for the video store owner?
  19. Pondlife
    In most jurisdictions you can sue someone for more or less anything, but whether you will actually win your case is a different matter. We often hear about cases where someone "plans to sue" or "intends to sue", but generally don't hear any more if the case is not pursued or if it fails. This tends to leave the impression that lots of these crazy cases are succeeding, but I have my doubts.

    However one of the features of American law is that generally each party has to bear their own costs. This differs from the UK system where the loser will normally be liable for both side's costs. That means that defending against a lawsuit in America will cost you even if the case is frivolous, and it's possible for someone with deep pockets to use this to bully others into submission.
  20. RunRedFox
    Around my neck of the woods, a car full of screaming girls careened into a ditch, whilst their driver fished out from some dust off. Lucky for the office depot clerk they all died. He could have faced a massive lawsuit...
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