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Brazilian Customs Agents Seize 1 Ton of Cocaine Bound for Spain

By buseman, Jun 23, 2010 | |
  1. buseman
    RIO DE JANEIRO – Customs agents seized nearly one ton of cocaine bound for Spain in Santos, a port city in Brazil’s São Paulo state, officials said.

    The cocaine was hidden in two shipping containers packed with apples.

    Argentina’s customs service tipped off Brazilian authorities that the cocaine was being smuggled out of the port city, the chief customs inspector in Santos, Jose Antonio Mendes, told Efe.

    Customs officials did not identify the ship carrying the cocaine or provide any details on arrests.

    The vessel was passing through Brazil on its way to Europe when the seizure was made.

    Brazil has become an important transit country for drugs in recent years.

    Nearly 80 tons of cocaine, according to U.N. estimates, pass through Brazil each year, with half being consumed domestically and the rest smuggled into Europe. EFE



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