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'Breaking Bad' Star Bryan Cranston Was Taught How To Cook Meth By DEA Chemists

  1. Rob Cypher
    It turns out Bryan Cranston's superb meth-cooking skills on "Breaking Bad" aren't just a case of great acting. In a recent interview with Howard Stern, Cranston admitted he was taught how to cook meth in preparation for his role as Walter White.

    “We were taught how to make meth [by] DEA chemists who were our consultants on the show," he told Stern, according to "Today." "We didn’t cook it, but we were told exactly the process at that high level," he said.

    When Stern challenged him on whether he'd actually refrained from cooking the drug, Cranston insisted the project was too complicated for him.

    "It's extremely difficult," he continued. "There are so many volatile components to it that at any given time, you could literally blow up. So you had to be very careful and very specific to follow this. Most of the cooks are also meth heads themselves. That's why they get themselves in trouble and you see burn marks, or their hands are missing."

    Meth lessons aren't all Cranston does to prepare for his role. In an interview with HuffPost UK, he went into detail on how he mentally becomes Walter White.

    "I will sequester myself so that I am not around a lot of chatter, and that sort of thing, so I can come in and just focus," he said. "I have worked out a system where after work I go into the make-up and hair trailer and I put make-up remover on my bald head and on my face, and I just put two hot towels, one on my head and one around my face, completely covering it –- I look like the Mummy –- and I completely cover up ... It’s euphoric and other-worldly sometimes."



  1. PillMan
    This article is interesting to me on a few levels. Can't wait to show my friend this article as we both love the show.
  2. killer_demo
    great actor on a great show
  3. SamanthaRabbit
    I find this incredibly intriguing personally because I am a big fan of the show and have been since the beginning. Bryan Cranston is an incredible actor and knowing the real process is a part of being able to act the part. Over the years I have wondered greatly if the process they used in the show was similar to the real process(as I do not use I know nothing about the process of these factories)... In this day and age with the drug war in Mexico it is a popular topic for a show. I have heard that there are articles saying that the drug use of Methamphetamine out there that said there has been an increase in use of this it since Breaking Bad started.
  4. Grower'sDelight
    Not only is the demand for meth higher, the purity is higher as well. The purity level of meth coming out of Mexico is close to 90% pure!!!! This show is one of the most realistic shows I have ever seen involving the drug trade. Mexico should be thanking Bryan Cranston!!!
  5. kumar420
    tell that to the 50,000+ murdered by the cartels.
    its a great show, with skilled actors and an intriguing plot, but honestly it does kind of glamorize a dangerous lifestyle. its unfortunate that people have taken a TV show as a cue to start using meth, which as far as harm reduction is concerned, is one of the more dangerous substances out there. I for one would like to see a show about designer drugs (not bath salts, but designer psychedelics- the 2C family, tryptamines and so on; perhaps the lifestyle is not as interesting as that of a meth cook for the average person but for those interested in chemistry and altered perception it could be a hit)
  6. lofty
    I am actually watching the show now, whilst scanning the website, how funny reading that
  7. BitterSweet
    Very interesting - I often wondered if Bryan Cranston actually learned chemistry because he is such a good actor, down to the details of speaking fluently of chemistry like he actually knows it. And his infamous 99% blue meth, he's so bad ass. I have watched all four seasons but haven't started into the fifth season. I like watching as many episodes as possible at once.

    As far as glamorizing it, I don't really think it does. It is just because the show impacts us so much and we become so emotionally involved... it has definitely showed the worst meth addicts but the crazy situations Walt gets himself in are pure entertainment purposes only. If anything, just the shows focus on meth would trigger a meth user, who, if that were true, should avoid the show.
  8. Maxfrombx
    The fifth season is finally over, and the end was epic. No way that one would have guess the last minute of the serie.
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