1. runnerupbeautyqueen
    Darling do you not remember
    Promises made to and forever
    The lifetime that we've spent together

    Darling I can't understand
    You pledged your heart and I my hand
    What have I now but all our plans

    Darling you've left me so misled
    Did I imagine all you said
    The words we whispered in your bed

    Remember when I turned sixteen
    You worked all summer to afford my ring
    Was that night not what it seemed?

    Was it too intense to last?
    We grew so close, we grew so fast
    If I was ever truly happy, it was in the past

    The highest highs bring the lowest lows
    The brightest stars leave the biggest holes
    Broken hearts give way to broken souls

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  1. aquatic

    Remember? I refuse to reminisce!
    About those promises of future bliss?
    One big lie, even our first kiss..

    Darling, you will never understand
    That all I wanted was cash in hand;
    Stability, security, and lots of land.

    I misled… so what? I'm onto someone new.
    Continue to imagine, long after I've said adieu
    In a lonely cold bed, while I'm in aflame, anew

    All I hear are excuses about that damn diamond ring
    You'll be paying it off, who cares, it meant not a thing.
    All my time was wasted, that night just a fling.

    When one door closes does not another one open?
    The pain, over time , you'll rid of the emotion
    Til you smell the sweet scent of my perfume or lotion

    I'm on to higher highs, you were my lowest lows
    Good luck in the future this door will be closed
    No longer an entrance for your heart or your soul
  2. runnerupbeautyqueen
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