Brian Barritt's Model of Consciousness

By enquirewithin · Mar 22, 2011 ·
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    Antero Alli likes to think of himself as the third exponent of the 8-Circuit Brain Model, but Leary worked with the psychedelic pioneer, Brian Barritt, recently deceased, on a similar model long before.

    Originally there were only seven levels (as in the seven chakras) see Leary's article "The Seven Tongues of God" first set this out. John Higg's, author of the only decent life of Leary so far, I Have America Surrounded, has preserved some of Barritt's ideas. He and Leary collaborated on Diary of a Hope Fiend.

    These are Barritt's levels:

    Level 1: barbiturates or large doses of booze - barely conscious

    Level 2: alcohol - emotional stupor

    Level 3: coke - social and ego enhancing

    Level 4: cannabis mixed with alcohol - sensual

    Level 5: cannabis, MDMA - The Land of Incredible Goodies

    "I once made love to this black chick called Bobby out in the country with these African masks on. Fucking on acid. You become the mask. The mask takes you over.... Also, if a man keeps an image in his head at the point of ejaculation on at the point of ejaculation on acid, you project that image, firing it into the subconscious of your partner. The female at that altitude is the 'all woman', she is the every living thing, the DNA, the goddess. If the goddess hears you, she will ask everything in nature to conspire to grant you your request."

    Level 6: mescaline or mushrooms - The land of the Giant Suns

    Level 7: LSD - Lunetime

    "On Level 7, you don't need sex, you're too integrated with each other," he replied. "You can't make physical sex above level 5. You're
    already sexually combined and telepathic on level 6, like part of this huge neurological computer."

    Level 8: John Higgs says that Barritt also suggested an eighth level, removing the religious aspect of the 7 level model based on the chakras. This takes religion/ god out of the model, which must be positive-- "our aim science, our method is religion!"

    The names are are interesting.

    Here are some of Barritt's other comments about LSD and drugs:

    [Dropping out is] "a vastly heroic act. To drop out from your conditioning is quite something. The mythical hero, and this is written in everyone's subconscious, has to go beyond the bounds of the known world. That is, beyond his conditioning. He has to reach knowledge and he has to come all the way back so that the information is of some use to the other people.
    Stepping outside his conditioning is his first heroic act."

    "They [authorities] want charge of your mind and you want charge of your own mind."

    "You can manipulate with coke and smack, but the establishment is terrified of having something they can't control. They tried it in the early fifties, manipulating with acid, but it was a total failure. Everyone wants to control LSD. But you can only work out how to give people a good or a bad trip."

    "Everyone has degrees of ecstatic tolerance," he patiently explains, "so, when people can't take any more, they peel off and find an
    excuse for doing so. Some people clutch back to the ego for reassurance."

    "Just take plenty! If you chip it you don't go right up, so you don't get the whole picture and
    come down slightly disorientated. If you have a good trip in good circumstances you see the whole situation outlined before you - and then
    you come down..."

    [On Leary] "We felt we were representative of the same force, but whether we were incarnations of these people or not I don't know, it didn't seem to matter. ... When Tim lost his ego on a trip, he was an amalgamation of all the people on acid who were thinking of him at that time. Leary was gone,
    he was an astral image - no one took a trip without Leary coming into it."

    And a final quote:

    “If you finish a novel and you’ve only got one copy, never leave it in a briefcase with a gold bar and a revolver, because it will get stolen.”

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