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Bridge City Police find 20 pounds of cocaine hidden in vehicle.

By buseman, Jun 2, 2010 | |
  1. buseman
    Bridge City police arrested two individuals after a traffic stop revealed more than 20 pounds of cocaine hidden in the vehicle the pair were traveling in.

    According to a report from the Bridge City Police Department, an officer with the agency stopped a 2005 Dodge pickup truck in the 700 block of Texas Ave. for an apparent equipment violation.

    The officer noted "nervous behavior" as a indication for further inspection and subsequently conducted a search of the vehicle.

    A consensual search produced 22 pounds of cocaine hidden in a brown cardboard box in the back floorboard of the auto.

    The driver, identified as Acquille Ann Vaughn of New Orleans, and her passenger, Eric McMillon, was taken into custody without incident. Vaughn also had a previous warrant issued out of Orange County

    Jennifer Johnson


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