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  1. salviablue
    A woman found dead at her St Andrews flat had ten times a lethal amount of morphine in her blood, an inquest heard.
    Police officers forced the door of Caroline Meek's flat in Sommerville Road after her worried girlfriend raised the alarm.

    Ms Meek was identified from fingerprints taken when she was arrested for stabbing a woman outside a pub in 2007. She was later cleared of unlawful wounding when a court found she had acted in self-defence.
    Ms Meek, 36, had arranged to collect lover Helen Cummins, who lives in Cinderford, Gloucestershire, from a train station on the evening of March 29, last year.

    Ms Cummins became concerned when she could not contact Ms Meek by phone and rang the police and her girlfriend's father, Anthony Meek.
    In a statement read at Flax Bourton Coroner's Court Mr Meek said his daughter had lost her mother to breast cancer at a young age and she had gone to live with an uncle and then her mother's friend, eventually returning to live with her father at the age of 12. She became rebellious and began taking drugs in her late teens.
    He said: "In the late 1990s she confessed to me that she had a heroin addiction. She went to Bristol for rehabilitation for six months and then into a safe house for two years.
    "I also came to learn that Caroline was gay. She seemed happier in Bristol. She was clean for a long time although I know she relapsed at times.
    "She also suffered from depression which I knew she was taking medication for."
    Ms Meek had applied for a university course in social care and had volunteered to work at a charity shop.
    Her neighbour Elizabeth Moffat described her as a friendly and caring person.
    A syringe and wrap of heroin were found in the flat and Ms Meek was found dead on her bed. She had needle marks on her arms.
    A post mortem blood test showed 514 micrograms of morphine in her blood.
    Pathologist Dr Zsombor Melegh said: "Heroin breaks down to morphine in the blood. Fifty micrograms can be lethal.
    "On the balance of probability she died from acute morphine toxicity."
    Coroner Tony Woodburn recorded a verdict that Ms Meek died from dependency on drugs.

    Evening Post
    Friday, May 07, 2010, 08:00


  1. missparkles
    I imagine she just got so depressed after her mum died and couldn't deal with it, although I'm not saying she meant to kill herself, some ODs are just the result of too much pain meds being needed to numb too much pain. Poor woman to feel that alone that's all she felt she had left?

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