Britain set to be flooded with cocaine, warns George W Bush's drugs tsar

By Lunar Loops · Sep 12, 2008 · ·
  1. Lunar Loops
    It must be true then. Apparently snorting cocaine is a "disease of the brain". This from The Telegraph-UK (article link):
    Britain set to be flooded with cocaine, warns George W Bush's drugs tsar

    Britain is likely to be flooded by cocaine from South America as demand for the drug declines in the US, George W Bush's drugs tsar has warned.

    By Christopher Hope, Home Affairs Editor
    Last Updated: 7:49PM BST 11 Sep 2008

    John Walters said European countries such as Britain were now the destination of choice for South American drug producers like Venezuela.

    Cocaine use was on the decline in the US, making Europe - where the street price of the drug can be twice as much as in America - far more attractive to drug barons.

    "We have been troubled by European consumption. The danger is that the flow to Europe will expand," he said on a visit to London.

    After a successful clampdown in Colombia, neighbouring Venezuela has now emerged as the cocaine capital of the world, shipping nearly 60 tonnes of the drug to Europe last year - a three-fold increase in just seven years.

    Europe was an attractive market for the drugs barons because the street price of cocaine is twice that in America, Mr Walters said, ahead of talks with Home Secretary Jacqui Smith and the Serious Organised Crime Agency.

    Venezuelan officials have argued they are taking drug trafficking seriously and point to large seizures in recent years.

    But Mr Walters was dismissive. "It's like in Casablanca - round up the usual suspects," he said.

    "Venezuela is becoming a safe haven so that distributors can set up and use. But if Venezuela played ball [with the US] it would cut off supply to Europe."

    Earlier this year a UN report partly blamed the police and courts for doing little to curb the appeal of cocaine by treating celebrities "leniently'' and failing to make an example of them.

    Kate Moss, the fashion model, escaped prosecution following the publication of photographs purporting to show her snorting cocaine.

    Mr Walters said that impressionable young professionals in their 20s were being sucked into drug addiction because celebrities were using them and not coming to any harm.

    Mr Walters, who has been director of the National Drug Control Policy at the White House since 2001, said: "I am surprised by cocaine use here. We found out the hard way how addictive it is.

    "I am surprised that cocaine is still seen by well educated and well informed people as something to be toyed with.

    "It is favoured by young people who see it being used by fashion models and actors. People follow the actresses and models and then they do it too.

    "Young people are feeling invincible and that they are fine doing it. But it is like Russian roulette. There is a live round in the chamber and it will take your brain.

    Americans had "found out the hard way" in the 1980s how addictive and dangerous cocaine could be, he said, describing the drug as a "nightmare poison".

    He said that snorting cocaine was not "risk free drug use". He added: "This is a disease of the brain."

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  1. nick23
    Fingers crossed that Bush is actually right for once.
  2. Panthers007
    Headline should read: "Britain Set To Be Flooded With Cocaine." promises George W Bush's Drug Tsar.

    Guess the vaunted Inner-Circle needs some moving money to get to Argentina in January, so Georgie and Dickie are moving the blow now.
  3. nick23
    Sadly I see it's a John Walters quote and that "human" hasn't been right about ANYTHING,EVER.
  4. Spare Chaynge
    Swim knew this chick who was in rehab in the states.. She was from the uk.. She came over here and left rehab to do cocaine. Then she came back she made a few remarks similar to "i just did not know how good it was" She was very impressed and slightly in awe of price difference and quality and quantity. Swim is hopeful the cocaine scene will go over there and the heroin will come over here.. Even though swim is fully aware of opiates true potential because of the rambant phramacutical preps in the states.

    swim also apologizes for this remark hes not fully awake.
  5. Sippin40oz
    It would be amazing to see quality increases and price drops but i guess it will always be rubbish here cause of the distances it travels. To their credit our customs do seem to have a fairly good system in place to keep out most imports as well which drives up prices!! :( I hear most stuff we get comes through africa and europe so i doubt we will see alot of change really which is a shame.

    Seems like this story is mainly to bring attention to the fact the US is bringing down Coke use... I bet thats mainly cause everyone is using Meth instead nowdays! lol!

    Sippin40oz added 9 Minutes and 43 Seconds later...

    Sound like the US might be just using the Coke story to put pressure on Venezuelan actually as just found this on Reuters website:

    more at Reuters
  6. piuiher
    John Walters knows nothing of how the Kate Moss story developed ....

    The prosecutors had no way to incriminate her based on a fucking home made videotape since they had no proof that what they were doing was cocaine. They could not prove that it was anything illegal actually, since it was all gone (up their noses) by the time they released that video!!

    Same shit happened in Italy with Gianni Agnelli's (FIAT's former dead chairmain) grandson Lapo Elkan. He collaped in the house of A TRANSEXUAL after a cocaine binge. He was taken to hospital but the cocaine was gone: he could not be prosecuted!! Laws are against posession of substances in EU !!!!
  7. Sippin40oz
    The whole Kate Moss case was a farce in the end. They apparently wasted a couple hundred thousand UK pounds trying to bring a case against her. In the end they released a statement saying they couldnt legally prove what drug she was snorting in the video and so it didnt even make it to court! The whole thing was stupid though as you said 'Laws are against possession in the EU' so even if they had taken her to court the police wouldnt have won. There was no way of proving what she was snorting the whole thing was just a publicity stunt by the police to make it look like they actually do something.
  8. enquirewithin
    You hit the nail on the head! They have been doing this for years. Sadly, the US pours money into Colombia, simply because the right wing government (with an appalling human rights record) is an ally of the US and despite its links with paramilitaries who just as much terrorists as FARC.
  9. Sippin40oz
    Also read in this mornings paper that Venezuelan has been letting Russian long range bombers land there. And there is also a couple of Russian warships on the way for 'War games'! Sounds like the US might just be putting pressure on Venezuelan as they are cozying up to Russia.

    I know what you mean about Colombia. Its funny how the US government turn a blind eye to human rights when the country in question is their ally! Other good examples are Pakistan and especially Saudi Arabia. The Saudis get away with extreme brutality to their people. Whilst countries like poor old Iran gets a good media bashing at every opportunity!
  10. sunofnothing
    oh :(

    SWIM got very excited when he first saw this headline - became less so when he noticed it was linked in some way to George W, and even less so with Nick23's post.

    Still, SWIM can't believe he's actually happy about information which eminated from W Bush's inner circle *cough*, and hopes the news is correct! SWIM wouldn't mind Britain being flooded with cocaine one little; indeed, he would encourage and fully endorse such a flood.

    SWIM is praying for the great flood!

    sunofnothing added 15 Minutes and 34 Seconds later...

    Ha! Turning a blind eye to an ally's human rights abuses has been American policy for decades - from Saddam Hussein to General Pinochet, the USA has backed murderous dictatorships for years. Only when such regimes disobey orders (e.g. Hussein's invasion of Kuwait) will the USA suddenly become the champion of freedom and democracy and condemn the very regimes they not only tolerated but often were responsible for maintaining, usually against immense popular opposition. Iran only became an enemy when they got rid of the Shah in the Islamic Revolution in 79, the murderous Shah who came to power after Operation Ajax etc etc etc

    And the American Government/Media wonder why the rest of the world doesn't take them seriously with all this 'freedom and democracy' nonsense. the stuff with Venezuela is quite interesting - the Tupelov supersonic bombers going to Venezuela are the same ones which penetrated US Airspace over teh Artic in 2006, completely undetected. The Russians seem to have a policy of not taking orders from Washington, quite unusual nowadays.
  11. Sippin40oz
    Thats very impressive not many people have ever heard of operation Ajax! :vibes: The funny thing is I believe Iran used to be a democracy before the US sponsored regime change! The previous president was elected with the help of the US as well but i think he decided that he didnt want to listen to US anymore! So they helped get rid of him! lol!
  12. sunofnothing
    Yeah Iran was a democracy of sorts - no women were allowed to vote etc, but Mossadeq was kinda democratically elected. I think the way it worked was the lower house - like our House of Commons - elected a leader, and chose him. Unfortunately for Mossadeq he chose to nationalise the oil company who had developed the oil in Iran, which wasn't acceptable to the UK or USA, who promptly decided to overthrow him!

    It's become standard practice that democracy is only tolerated if it produces governments we're happy with, which of course is ridiculous in the extreme; things have eased off a bit since the end of the cold war I think, but it seems any government who dares to put the interests of the poor before those of the big multi-nationals is in for a tough time - Hugo Chavez being the latest example.
  13. enquirewithin
    As Noam Chomsky explains, the US behaves rather like the Mafia. If states don't do as they are told they are made an example of, especially if they are in oil rich areas. The US's power is waning now, slowly, so Chavez and Morales survive. As for Iran, the US has spent a few trillion installing a pro-Iran government and making Iran far more powerful than before, a result of sheer arrogance and stupidity on the part of the Neocons.
  14. Synesthesiac
    :thumbsup: nice one.

    Walters is just as bad an corrupt as his all the czars before him. I especially disliked General McCaffree, who had a particularly high public profile for a drug czar. Walters seems to be camera and publicity shy, probably for very good reasons. Sswim has actually noticed in recent weeks that coke is rampant in the UK at the moment. Its now nearly half the price it was a year ago in swims area, which is pretty much unheard of, coke used to be only for the well off and reasonably wealthy people. Now anyone can afford the stuff.

    I wonder why you never hear czars like Walters warning of a flood of natural drugs like Magic Mushrooms or DMT? hmmmm.
  15. Zentaurus41
    Bush should know, hes the one selling the stuff, hes got to have something to do now that hes out of the
    white house
  16. RoboCodeine7610
    hahaha, that might have even been the purpose of his visit.
  17. Waffa
    news: "Britain set to be flooded with cocaine, warns George W Bush's drugs tsar " (or is it star?)

    news2 in new year "Bush plans to take hes long vacation in Britan"
  18. Sven99
    Great. A flood means cheaper prices, which means less crime needed to feed a habit, and since coke is cut with all kinds of crap in this country, an increase in supply should mean an increase in purity, which might well make it safer for the average non-addicted user.

    This is the madness of the drugs war. A massive failure can actually improve matters, whereas huge successes make things worse.
  19. doublezero
    swim thinks excellent. Does this mean there'd be price wars and quality wars......................

    swim thinks maybe the americans are more into crystal meth. Cheaper, get higer, higher for longer.

    Luckily in england theres not too much of it about. Swim comes across it once in a while. But swim will never dance with the devil to the beat of crystal. Maybe a few days before he dies.
  20. witchychick
    lol.. seconded... but how much of it is hype?
    cheaper prices equals less crime and stress in swims opinion.
    however anything with any link to dubya however tenous makes swim v suspicious ... and pretty much the telegraph too...
    we shall see eh?
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