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Britain's First Cannabis E-Joint Available To Buy Legally Online

  1. Szandbwoy
    Britain's First Cannabis E-Joint Now Available To Buy Online
    New Product Completely Legal


    When the first cannabis e-cigarette was launched back in June – it was only available overseas.

    But now, one company has gone a step further and started selling an e-joint that is available to buy in Britain.

    KanaVape, a device similar to electronic cigarettes but with cannabinoids, will be available to buy online from Thursday next week, Metro.co.uk can reveal.

    The makers of Britain’s first e-joint – Antonin Cohen and Sebastien Beguerie – claim their product is entirely legal as it contains no THC – the chemical in marijuana responsible for mind-bending highs.


    The product uses hemp with 5 per cent cannabidiol, meaning that it apparently gives users the same effect – especially the relaxed feeling – as cannabis but without the psychotic side-effects.

    The e-joint will mean users can inhale cannabis vapour without the usual smell of smoke.

    Drug charities dismissed the product as no more than a gimmick, but did suggest it was likely the product would be legal under British law due to its lack of THC.

    Sophie Macken, at the Independent Scientific Committee on Drugs, told Metro.co.uk: ‘CBD is legal and has some theraputic and neuroprotective properties.

    ‘It is not usually something that would be used recreationally though so this sounds like a bit of a gimmick.

    The hemp used in the e-joint is grown in France, Czech Republic and Spain without the use of synthetic pesticides and chemicals.

    The cannabis e-cigarette will also go on sale in France, where it is legal, but the health minster immediately moved to ban the product.

    KanaVape makers Antonin and Sebastien said: #We made KanaVape to give millions of people a legal and tasteful way of using cannabinoids. We craft our production with love, care and scientific research. KanaVape is good for our customers and good for the planet.’

    Metro.co.uk has contacted the Home Office for clarity on whether the e-joint would be legal under British law but had not received a response at time of publishing.

    Source: http://metro.co.uk/2014/12/16/this-...n-britain-and-it-is-completely-legal-4989957/


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