Britain's love of cheap cocaine: the view from Latin America

By chillinwill · Mar 8, 2010 · ·
  1. chillinwill
    While we regard the drug as socially acceptable, cocaine wreaks havoc in the countries that produce it

    Britons are snorting 30 tonnes of cocaine a year and consider the drug to be a socially acceptable part of a night out, a House of Commons report lamented last week. The Home Affairs Select Committee accused law enforcement agencies of intercepting too few shipments and of arresting too few people, allowing the price of the class A drug to fall to as little as £2 a line.

    But there is a part of the world which is not getting away with cocaine and is not inclined to consider it glamorous, socially acceptable or normal. It is called Latin America, where the coca leaf is grown, turned into paste and powder, and trafficked. And here is where narco-related violence and corruption is exacting a terrible price.

    Last week brought fresh horrors. In Mexico, authorities found the dismembered body of a journalist, Rodolfo Rincon Taracena, who disappeared in 2007. His articles on the drug trade had prompted his brutal murder. More than 16,000 people have died in Mexico since President Felipe Calderón declared war on drug cartels in December 2006.

    In Guatemala, the national police chief, Baltazar Gonzalez, and anti-drug czar, Nelly Bonilla, were detained in a case of stolen cocaine that led to the deaths of five police agents. In a tale too bloody for The Wire, it seems that the agents were killed while trying to steal a stash from members of the Zetas, a group of hit men linked to Mexico's powerful Gulf cartel.

    There was more grim news from the US International Narcotics Control strategy report, which said that traffickers were annually sending $8bn to $25bn from the United States, expanding production in Bolivia and finding new routes through Venezuela.

    Peru's Shining Path insurgency, once almost extinct, has revived in recent months: the guerrillas have learned from Colombia's Farc how to use cocaine revenue to perpetuate a conflict.

    Calls for decriminalisation are growing; former presidents from Brazil, Colombia and Mexico have swelled the chorus. Latin America can only hope that Europe and the US, the main markets, will one day figure out a way to curb demand.

    Rory Carroll
    March 7, 2010

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  1. FUBAR
    cociane is a very big think here in UK with a whole generation ditching smak for the upmarket party drug(which is good as smak is baaaaad), altough what they are getting is crap in potenecy! current purity levels in yorkshire have cocaine down to 20 % on average and this is also allowing other drugs such as mephadrone to be big on the club scene. the main age group are the 16-25 who have adopted cocaine as a sociable drug and coupled with the cannabis problem we have in the UK in that age bracket does not bode well fro drug services who are geared toward crack and heroin users. i would go so far as saying its an epidemic which we have yet to see the consequeces.
  2. bubbly nubs cocaine? Cocaine has not dropped in price at all as far as SWIM knows (defiantly not in his area) whereas the purity has A LOT. 20% would probably be "good" cocaine in his area.
  3. coolhandluke
    the only way to end the violence is to legalize the trade. people have been using cocaine for decades, and it really doesn't seem like its going away. swim does feel bad about all of the stuff that goes on in order to get things into his nose, or swims crack spoon. but what is swim going to do about it, he loves cocaine, if he doesn't buy it, someone else will. he knows that none of that makes it right. he wishes the government and society would worry about harm reduction, rather than locked up anyone who gets busted with coke, or whatever they can get busted with.
  4. FUBAR
    lets not start with the legalization issue!!! ok then lets... legailization will not put an end to the black market, drugs will then both be available over the counter and through a car window. cigarettes are legal and the trade of imported cigs is as a big as the drug market in the UK. i mean what would goverments do, evrytime a new drug is identified and possibley abused by humans we would just add it to the list and you could get that legal aswell.
    if drugs were legalized 50 years ago would that have stopped the development meth,Crack, ecstasy??? nope/ people are curious creatures and there will always be people willing to try the newbie on the street.also theres the tax isue Uk goverments highly tax alcohol cigarrettes they would then be undercut by the black market trade offering the same thing ay half the price the ionly thing legalising drugs would do is make the fat cats fatter and the goverments richer.............and breath .....relax.....10...9....8...
  5. coolhandluke
    legalization and the legitimization of the drug trade between the west and countries like mexico would SAVE LIVES. i dont give a fucking rats ass about tax evasion, i was talking about the mexican drug cartels, which are murdering dozens of people in mexico and the united states. of course legalizing drugs wound not lead to a crime free state, but it may stop competing cartels from killing each other. also swim has NEVER heard of a shipment of hijacked cigarettes from an underground source, such as a mafia hijacking of something. he does know of people who order them illegally over the internet for cheap as fuck. these comparisons hardly seem seem on par with each other. a alcoholic may rob a story to get booze money, but if it were for crack would you see it as worse?

    did you even read the original post, it doesn't really sound like it. could swiy cite a source for his "quality info"?
  6. coolhandluke
  7. coolhandluke
    your missing the point about the country of mexico or other supplying countries. HE WAS SAYING THAT IN ORDER TO ACHIEVE PEACE IN THOSE COUNTRIES, that would be the way to go IN HIS OPINION. DOES MEPHADRONE CAUSE A LOT OF PROBLEMS IN CHINA?
  8. Motorhead
    Everyone take a deep breath, cool down, and keep the discussion on topic please.
  9. coolhandluke
    swim apologizes, he was tired and a little irritated. he didn't mean to come across as rude, he just thought the main point of the tread, and his post were overlooked. sorry, swim lost his cool.
  10. FUBAR
    Sorry saw the word legalization and jumped on it!!! lets talk about somethig simple like abortion.......only kidding swimmers. sorry for going off post, i think mexico could do with getting rid of corruption before thinking of legalization. the cartels are bigger than the goverment and money rules. i do think it has highlighted a fact that goes unmissed, most peopel see the western world bombarded with drugs and we only think of the harm from the drugs in the places they are consumed...... so sorry good original post
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