British Crown LooksForward to Record Heroin Profit

By klaatu · Jun 16, 2006 ·
  1. klaatu
    Note from Klaatu: Not 100% sure how accurate this article is - given that it comes from a web site called "Conspiracy Planet" !!!

    June 14, 2006


    The British Crown looks forward to unprecedented profits from the heroin trade in Afghanistan, reports the UK Guardian

    The poppy harvest in a British-controlled area of Southern Afghanistan called Helmand province will double this year keeping the Crown's coffers overflowing with loot from the global narcotics market.

    "The Afghanistan province being patrolled by British troops will produce at least a third of the world's heroin this year, according to drug experts who are forecasting a record harvest that will be an embarrassment for the western-funded war on narcotics," reports the Guardian.

    "Early indications show an increase on Helmand's 1999 record of 45,000 hectares (112,500 acres) and a near-doubling of last year's crop.

    Despite spending $2 billion on the phony war on drugs since 2001, poppy cultivation will produce a bumper crop this year

    "Afghanistan produces almost 90% of the world's heroin, with about a third coming from Helmand.

    Drug experts say the province is as central to Afghanistan's illegal economy as California is to America's legal one. 'If you took Helmand out of the picture, Afghanistan would fall from the world's top poppy grower to second or third place,' said one US official."

    The British intelligence agency MI6, alleged to be the primary distribution arm of the Crown's global narcotics business, according to former agent James Casbolt in his expose' called "MI6: Lords of the Global Drug Trade, will have a busy but profitable forthcoming year.


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