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  1. Terrapinzflyer
    A British man wanted for drugs offences has been arrested in Barcelona, more than five years after he skipped the country.

    Police began hunting for David Stuart, from Accrington, after he failed to attend his trial at Preston Crown Court in June 2005.

    He had originally been arrested in July 2004 when he was found with 20,000 ecstasy tablets in his possession.

    Stuart was subsequently charged with both conspiracy to supply and possession with intent to supply the Class A drug, earning him a place on the most wanted list.

    He was caught in Spain on Tuesday and becomes the 36th person to be arrested from 50 appeals under Operation Captura.

    The operation, led by the Serious Organised Crime Agency (Soca) and Crimestoppers, identifies serious criminals wanted by UK law enforcement agencies for crimes committed in the UK.

    Soca's director general Trevor Pearce hailed the arrest as "another excellent result for our partnership with Spain".

    "Plenty of British fugitives and criminals still haven't worked out that basing themselves in Spain is not a particularly smart move," Mr Pearce said.

    "We won't stop coming after them - and the Spanish Police are more than happy to arrest them and get them sent back to the UK."

    Wednesday September 15, 2010
    David Williams, Sky News Online



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