British Girls Guilty Of Drug Smuggling Bid (video)

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    21 Nov 2007
    Sky News

    Two British teenage girls have been found guilty of attempting to smuggle drugs from Ghana to the UK. The 16 year olds, from north London, were caught with £300,000 worth of cocaine at Accra airport in July.

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    British Girls Guilty Of Drug Smuggling Bid
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    CCTV clip: UK teens guilty of drug trafficking

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  1. Felonious Skunk
    Well they were caught with about 6 kg and they're facing "up to 3 years in jail."

    All I can say is that if Ghana insists on having drug laws, then at least the penalties seem to fit the crime. In the United States they would be facing so much time that their lives as free women would basically be over.
  2. Joe Duffy
    I seem to recall reading somewhere that cannabis is legal in Ghana, so I wonder what the sentence would have been if they were caught trying to smuggle some to the UK.
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