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British Police Plan To Give Away Free Heroin In New Program

Police in Durham, a city in northeast England, plan to provide free heroin to drug users, with the end goal of reducing both crime and addiction....
  1. perro-salchicha614
    durham.jpg Durham Constabulary's Chief Constable Mike Barton, pictured,
    said police money will be used to hand out free heroin to addicts. (Daily Mail)
    Police in Durham, a city in northeast England, plan to provide free heroin to drug users, with the end goal of reducing both crime and addiction.

    “The aim would be to enable people who have become addicted to heroin to follow a program that would stabilize their addiction in a controlled environment, and reduce their dependency on heroin until they stop taking it,” said Durham Police and Crime Victims Commissioner Ron Hogg. The program would work in conjunction with a traditional substance abuse support program.

    The idea is that by having access to free heroin, drug users won’t have to resort to crime, like stealing, to support their addiction. Durham Chief Constable Mike Barton said, according to the Independent newspaper, that the initiative would also take away from drug dealers’ profits, and prevent drug users from having to transact with them on the black market.

    “We need to get over our moral panic about giving people heroin as part of a treatment plan,” said Barton. “Our primary concern is to prevent crime. If we’ve got people who are addicted to Class A drugs committing crime, it makes good sense to get that person off drugs.”

    Figures from 2015-2016 show that in England, there were 149,807 people receiving treatment for opioid use disorder. Between 2012 and 2015, heroin-related deaths doubled from 579 to 1,201 deaths in England and Wales.

    Other governments in Scotland, Australia, Germany, France, Switzerland, and the Netherlands, have also approved similar safe injection initiatives.

    Last October, Glasgow, Scotland became the first city in the UK to approve plans for "fix rooms," where people will be provided medical-grade heroin and clean syringes.

    Switzerland has offered a free heroin maintenance program since 1994. The program, which began in Zurich, is credited with decreasing crime. According to the Daily Mail, it has expanded to 23 clinics—which also provide counseling and support—throughout the country.

    According to the Independent, the free heroin clinics could be established in the Durham area before the end of this year.

    “The aim of the initiative is to save the lives of addicts, shut down drug dealers and reduce acquisitive crime,” said Commissioner Hogg. “It would also reduce demand on police time, and the courts, and I believe it should also help lower the prison population.”

    Original Source

    Written by: Victoria Kim, Mar 8, 2017, British Police Plan To Give Away Free Heroin In New Program, The Fix


  1. gonzochef
    It's about time we start thinking about similar programs in the US...
  2. cra$h
    Pretty radical approach if you ask me. It might reduce crime to a degree, but I'm a little skeptical about this band-aid. Then again, being that I'm American I come from quite a different approach towards things. Seems like most of the addicts I know would be like sweet, free awesome dope, and look at all this money I saved fore.... more dope!

    But, best of luck; seriously.
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  3. TheBigBadWolf
    Now this is someone in a higher Job in Law Enforcement having Balls. Cojones.
    I know a doctor who is taking part in the above mentioned DAM program in Germany/ Karlsruhe, and his report was that they have stabilised about two thirds of their patients which means get in a stable tnerapy - the idea of getting Dope for free begins ton lose its appeal when you need to go to the clinic thrice a day ...
    but yes, the riole-model of Switzerland seems to have taken a good place inside the EuropeanUnion at least.
    Time forthe cross-atlantians to think about a different approach towards society.
    not everything that has something to do with sense of community is communism.

    more of this, Great Brotain!! and more of this, US too. and many more
    ( liuke the south-east asians - I have read tha Singapüore article with the kids books - I dont dare commenting on that. :eek:

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  4. MistakenMystery
    Wow that's crazy. Never thought I would hear that one. Giving heroin to junkies for free to help ween them off and to help stop crime huh? Do you really think that will work, with the crime yes I'm sure a little. You don't think people will become even more of an addict or even perhaps create new addicts because you can get it for free. Some people have shitty lives and they can barley afford to live, maybe if they know they can get free heroin and take some of their pain away and not cut into their own money supply they would consider it. So does this mean they are basically legalizing heroin? I mean anybody can come in off the street and get government heroin for free right, so it pretty much is.

    I honestly think it would be a good idea to give people free kratom instead and educate everybody on it. Kratom has helped me get off heroin a few times and worked amazing.
  5. gonzochef
    I get that kratom can help people suffering from heroin or opiate addiction, but you said "a few times" meaning you went back to heroin. This program comes with access to therapy and drug counselling, with the end game being to ween drug users off of heroin entirely. For those who have no desire to quit, this still lowers crime and overdose by supplying a consistent product in a safe environment. Yes, this is a radical approach, and that is what is needed in these times of opioid use epidemic. Also, it doesn't legalize heroin, per se, but rather legalizes a government source. What this does is undercut the black market and dealers, further lowering crime by making them obsolete. It has been shown in many countries already that crime and overdose go down with safe injection sites and state sponsored access to the drug.
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