Briton wrongly convicted of importing ecstasy (Mcpp) - 25-year jail term revoked

By Terrapinzflyer · Nov 2, 2009 · ·
  1. Terrapinzflyer
    Briton wrongly convicted of importing ecstasy - 25-year jail term revoked

    Steve Marsden, a Briton who in January was jailed for 25 years for conspiring to import ecstasy was acquitted on appeal today and is to be freed from prison.

    Marsden, who was also fined €60,000, had insisted when he filed his appeal that there was no evidence at all which could support a conviction according to law.

    He had been jailed after jurors found him guilty by eight votes to one of conspiring to import 50,000 ecstasy pills in the summer of 2006.

    The pills were allegedly hidden in the panels of his Mitsubishi Pajero when he was stopped by police as he was driving off the catamaran on July, 9, the night of the World Cup.

    He was originally charged with importing and trafficking in ecstasy but two months into the compilation of evidence, court expert pharmacist Mario Mifsud testified that the pills were not ecstasy but contained a chemical known as mCPP.
    Mr Marsden's defence lawyer Joe Brincat argued that the pills contained mCPP which was not illegal at the time, however the chemical gives similar effects to MDMA.

    The Criminal Court of Appeal said that Mr Marsden had been been wrongly convicted and the prosecution did not prove beyond reasonable doubt that one or more of the co-conspirators had 'illegal' ecstasy in mind as the time of the agreement with Mr Marsen.

    Monday, 2nd November 2009 - 15:17CET

    COMMENT: Turtle must say he's not sure how to feel about this one. In his opinion, piperazines afe far worse then mdma, and selling a drug as something it is not is both dangerous and dishonest. This definitely sends a very wrong message :thumbsdown:

    Turtle would be most interested in other swimmers reactions on this one.

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  1. kailey_elise
    Interesting - we don't have the information stating that he intended to sell the mCPP *as* Ecstasy; he very well could have been peddling it as mCPP & telling people it was similar to Ecstasy.

    I'm usually pleased when anyone is able to use a 'loophole' in the drug laws to their advantage, and don't know enough about piperazines (which Those I Know have never come across in their area and so haven't bothered to research them much) to have an opinion on them either way.

    ~Kailey Elise
  2. SullyGuy
    On one hand this guy escapes a fate he doesn't deserve, but on the other hand this sends the message to dealers that pipes are much safer to traffic... and there are too many pipes around already. On a large scale, this is a bad thing swim supposes. Especially if he was well aware it was mCPP.
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