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Bronx man busted at Newark Airport trying to get 250 bags of heroin from rental car

  1. Rob Cypher
    Nothing gets between Carlos Tavarez and his Fat Boys.

    The Bronx man forgot to grab the stash of “Fat Boy” heroin he had hidden in his Chevy rental when he returned the car, but Port Authority cops said Thursday the 30-year-old dad tried to recover the dope the next day — with a cockamamie story that the drugs were his “baby’s medicine.”

    Tavarez was arrested at Newark Airport Wednesday on drug charges after arranging to retrieve the drugs from undercover cops he believed were Budget Rent A Car workers, police said.

    Tavarez rented a Chevrolet Cruze from a Budget office on W. 49th St. in Hell’s Kitchen on Sunday for a trip from New York to Boston and back.
    After leaving the sedan at a Budget office at Newark Airport on Tuesday, he quickly realized what he'd left behind.
    He returned with $2,500 worth of “Fat Boy” that he had stuffed in a bag and hid under the dashboard, authorities said.

    After leaving the sedan at a Budget office at Newark Airport on Tuesday, he quickly realized what he'd left behind, officials said.

    Budget workers became suspicious and rang Port Authority police when Tavarez called and explained he had left his child’s medicine hidden in the car.

    Thomas Tracy
    New York Daily News
    April 3, 2014



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