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Brutally Honest Billboard Discourages Heroin Use

  1. Terrapinzflyer
    OHIO - A blunt message about the growing heroin problem in Hardin County, Ohio has created quite a stir. A billboard on State Route 309 was put up this week and recalls a 2009 heroin bust, where a Kenton man stored 90 balloons of heroin in an uncomfortable and private place, "Up His Butt*". It then asks the question, "Where has your heroin been?"

    Hardin County Job and Family Services put up the billboard and Director Robert Norman is fielding calls of both support and anger over the billboard. Norman says he isn't targeting hard core heroin users, instead he wants to catch the attention of the non-user, including parents, to get them to talk about the growing problem of heroin use in Hardin county. He adds that the billboard wasn't paid for by county money and is a part of their drug education funding.

    May 19. 2011



  1. Ghetto_Chem
    Haha, the funny thing is most heroin addicts are just going to look at that, laugh, and continue to draw that blood into the syringe. Alot of addicts know the dope they get is been through all sorts of means to get to them, and is probably cut to nothing with god knows what. But does that really stop them from using?

    Btw good job pumping out so many news articles today.

  2. trdofbeingtrd
    "It's funny cause it's true."

    No, it's true, just like ghetto chem said, users usually know things like this. It does not stop them. If anything, letting mules know the medical tradgedies that happen MIGHT have them thinking twice.....unless they are an addict.

    This is in no way meant to offend users here. I remember snorting things that most likely were not what I thought they were, and not caring because I wanted the substance period.
  3. cra$h
    hahaha as long as its still dope, I don't care. Thats why it's packaged.

    My first reaction, as a (former) user.
  4. dyingtomorrow
    First of all, no, "most" heroin has NOT been up someone's butt. For some reason it seems a lot of "normies" out there subscribe to some kind of social myth that all drugs are smuggled in bodily cavities, rather than trucks or import containers filled with thousands to tens of thousands of ass-volumes worth of heroin. To get the amount of heroin that flows into the U.S. alone using the space peoples' asses can hold, they'd have to send like, literally, a million-plus man army across the border every year, ass-packed to the brim. And those million would have to be the ones that make it and don't get caught. Of course, if you could actually recruit a 1 million man army of Mexican/South Americans to supply the U.S. via ass-traffic alone, men so loyal as to stuff their asses full with little bags (or compressed heroin dildos) out of submission to your power, you probably could just use them as a force to take over your own personal Cental/South American country, instead of wasting them on minor ass-muling. But I digress.

    That being said, I'm sure some relatively significant (considering the impression it gives) yet small percentage of the aggregate amount of heroin that is dealt has been either in someone's ass(hole), ass crack, packed under a chode, or at least got some ball sweat on it - that's why God invented plastic inside plastic.

    At least the article admits that it's not targeted at hardcore users, since it's basically common sense that practically none of them give a shit (no pun intended) where their dope comes from - BUT - it is actually probably a highly effective way to "take the piss" out of the "coolness" perception of heroin that some teenagers develop. I think the manipulation of cultural associations/imagery/symbols - like that billboard is attempting - have the greatest and most profound *actual* effect on the behavior of the masses. Look how quickly and effectively the "cool" image that smoking used to have was largely undermined in the U.S., with just the right tweak of cultural perception manipulation. So again, I think that a billboard like this is a positive way to prevent teen heroin use (even if it is basically stupid and crude), and, in my opinion, it is the type of propaganda that is a million times more effective than, e.g., a D.A.R.E. program, where Officer Asshole comes in and lies to a classroom full of kids, half of which have already tried pot and know he's full of shit, and instead of scaring them just discredits all governmental drug and harm prevention information, even the true and important stuff people (and especially teenagers) should know.

    One question which this raises is - why just focus on the "butt?" The man's butt. It is kind of sexist, seeing as though the vag is an equally popular form of heroin transportation. Maybe have a billboard with nothing but a huge, bushy, meaty, worn out vagina, spread open and dripping juice all over little heroin bags, some of which you can see are having seepage with darker colored wet powder.

    A picture's worth a thousand words.
  5. ex-junkie
    ^Lol, If they wanted shock value, they should have posted a picture of a blue waffle woman, oozing pus and bags of heroin out of a bleeding vagina.
  6. missparkles
    Personally, I think they should have posted the usual (smiling) family pic. Then asked the question... "which one of these is the drug addict?"

    With an answer saying..."it could be any of them?" Considering most addicts (even heroin addicts) will usually look like the guy/wife/son/daughter, next door. Maybe that might have been a better warning.

    People already know the lengths drug smugglers are prepared to go to, so this really holds no "shock" value whatsoever, does it?

  7. dyingtomorrow
    I know you love Paint.

    A billboard made just for you :)



    "Timmy ... well ... ummm ... you see son ... you're finally getting old enough to know this now: storks don't actually bring the heroin from Afghanistan and drop it off to mommy and daddy. You see .... it's like this .........."


    "and then when we finally make it home from Mr. Dealer's house without having to worry about the cops ... the heroin comes out of mommy's special place."
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