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BSF seizes two kilos heroin from india / pakistan border

  1. Terrapinzflyer
    BSF seizes two kilogram heroin from Indo-Pak border

    Amritsar, Sep 14 (PTI) Border Security Force today claimed to have recovered two kilogram of heroin worth Rs 10 crore in international market from village Bharopal near the Indo-Pak border.

    BSF troops of BOP Bharopal, Amritsar sector observed suspicious movement near the International Border during the wee hours, Himmat Singh, Inspector General of BSF told reporters in Jalandhar.

    He said that on being challenged, the smugglers fled away towards Pakistan, taking advantage of standing crops, and darkness. After the search of the area, two kilogram of heroin was recovered.

    The packets weighing one kilogram of narcotics each were having marking of '555', IG said adding that the enhanced vigil of BSF troops has thwarted attempts of smugglers to smuggle heroin into India.

    So far, BSF has seized 109.5 kilogram of heroin in the current year apart from recovering fake currency worth Rs 55 lakh, Singh said.



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