'Bubble' arrests at Lancaster nightclub

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    Bubble' arrests at Lancaster nightclub

    STUDENTS and youngsters are being warned about the dangers of 'Bubble' after seven people were arrested at a Lancaster nightclub.
    Doorstaff at Lancaster's Sugar House alerted police after compulsory searches on January 28 revealed seven students were carrying white powder.

    The students were arrested on suspicion of possessing drugs and told officers they believed the substance to be 'Bubble,' the street name for mephedrone. The substance has now been sent away for forensic analysis.

    It is currently not illegal to possess Mephedrone under the Misuse of Drugs Act. However, it is illegal to sell it for human consumption which is why it is often marketed as plant food.

    Mephedrone usually takes the form of a white powder or crystals. It can also be in tablet form or capsules containing the powder

    DCI Neil Gregson, Lancaster Police, said: "As is the case with all drugs which appear in powder form, Mephedrone lends itself to being 'cut' with other drugs.

    "This means you can never know exactly what you are putting into your body.

    "Mephedrone can cause very bad reactions when mixed with alcohol - people have died from taking this substance - and there is the risk of paranoia and possible mental health problems in the long term.

    "There is also the danger that young people may experiment with other forms of plant food in the belief that these will also have a euphoric effect."

    He added: "Aside from the health risks, if you are found to be carrying drugs you may be arrested and will be under investigation until it is determined exactly what that substance is. Mephedrone is currently not illegal, but that looks set to change, and a criminal record could impact heavily on your future."

    Published Date: 01 February 2010

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