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Buffalo, NY city council are getting worked up over candy marketed with "pot" leaves

  1. helikophis
    BUFFALO, N.Y., Oct. 5 (UPI) -- Members of the Buffalo, N.Y., city council say they're concerned about local businesses selling synthetic marijuana and candy in the shape of marijuana leaves.

    Green bags of "Pot Pops," "Potheads" and "Ring Pots" candy were examined by members of the Common Council in their Tuesday meeting at city hall, the Buffalo News reported.

    Council members also looked at fake pot known as "K2," which is sold as incense but is smoked and has been blamed for serious health problems, the newspaper said.

    "This is outrageous that any store owner in the City of Buffalo thinks that this is OK," Council Member Darius G. Pridgen said.

    Residents brought him the bags of candy, Pridgen said, adding he believes it is being sold to children.

    The candy products, labeled as being sour apple-flavored, are produced in China, he said.

    Pridgen said he would report to the police and publicly embarrass some neighborhood stores and delis selling the products.

    "I'll do as much as I can to embarrass that store owner," Pridgen said, "and to let the citizens of the city know that we have people who are making money off of selling the depiction of marijuana in stores.

    "It's ridiculous, and it should not be allowed."



  1. helikophis
  2. helikophis
    Re: Buffalo, NY city council are getting worked up over candy marketed with "pot" lea

    What a waste of the city council's time. Here's another article. This one addresses synthetic cannabinoids a little more (an actually legitimate issue), instead of the stupid sour apple candy.

  3. godztear
    Re: Buffalo, NY city council are getting worked up over candy marketed with "pot" lea

    Free advertising for the stores is all he will accomplished by attempting to embarrass them. I haven't seen any pot shaped candies here yet but soon hope to. What a novel party favor! Sure beats candy cigarettes and bubblegum cigars.
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