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Buffalo Officials Make Largest Combined Drug Bust in U.S. History

  1. hookedonhelping

    BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — Over $3.5 million in dangerous drugs have been taken off the streets of western New York, and officials are alerting the public to how they seized the mass quantities of heroin, fentanyl and more.

    U.S. Attorney William Hochul says authorities seized the largest combination drug bust in U.S. history. The investigation, which started with a wire tap over a year ago, allowed police to seize drugs in Nebraska, California and western New York.

    “Thanks to the hard work of the agents and agencies you see here at this podium behind me, we are able to report that we have not only stopped a particular drug trafficking organization that trafficked in heroin, fentanyl and cocaine simultaneously, but we have in fact recovered the largest quantities of drugs ever seized in the United States when you look at these three drug seizures combined,” Hochul said.

    Hochul announced the largest bust in the investigation happened on 98 Folger Street in south Buffalo. All in all, police seized 40 kilograms of cocaine, eight kilograms of fentanyl and 17 kilograms of heroin. Police equated the seizure of fentanyl to removing 300 million hits of the drug from the streets. Hochul says in western New York alone, 90 people died from overdoses in the past year. Any link between the deaths and this trafficking could extend potential jail time for those arrested in the case.

    “In this time of heightened concern regarding multiple overdose deaths in our community, the seizure of a trifecta of dangerous and potentially deadly drugs…is both highly significant and extremely good news for our area,” Hochul said.

    Police say they arrested seven people in connection to the bust in March, but additional arrests are pending now. The traffickers allegedly were looking to distribute the drugs to all corners of western New York.

    Locals charged in the case are Troy Gillon, Darryl Williams, Maulana Lucas, Shirley Grigsby, Michael Mitchell and Trent Hamilton. Police also charged Herman Aguirre, a California man.

    An investigation into three potentially fake companies in California continues in the case. Police tracked the flow of $13 million in cash to the shell companies.


    If my math is correct this is WAY more than 3.5 million in street value. Just the fentanyl alone could yield many times that amount of money. 8 billion micrograms is in 8kg of fentanyl where a strong dose is 50 micrograms. At $10 a dose that is $320 million dollars in the seized fentanyl alone.

    The value of the heroin and cocaine would bring the street value of the amount seized to enough money to buy a really nice car.


  1. Bango Skank
    Yes, I agree with you that their numbers are way off! They stated that the amount of fentanyl equated to 300 million doses, so even if a dose cost a dollar that would be 300 million dollars.

    This bust definitely slowed things down temporarily. In Buffalo in July there were 10 fatal heroin overdoses, in August, following this bust, there was 1.
  2. hookedonhelping
    27 deaths in a weeks time a few weeks back. I am guessing a lot more fentanyl has been distributed to various parts of NY. On top of that, yet another guy was busted with a unmentioned amount of fentanyl. I have to wonder if it is a RC analog of fentanyl people are getting from China as mention has been made that China is the source. I am not up on opioid RC's, maybe someone can shed some light. I would think getting kilograms of fentanyl from legit labs in China wouldn't be as easy as sending an email and a bunch of Western Union payments.

    This page won't load for me due to a very slow throttled internet connection at the moment. Perhaps someone could extrapolate the text and create a new news article.

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