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  1. beentheredonethatagain
    AMSTERDAM, Netherlands (AP) — As drug mules, bugs don't carry much. And they didn't get by customs in the Netherlands. A customs officer who took a close look at a consignment of more than 100 large, dead bugs sent from Peru to the Netherlands discovered cocaine had been stashed in their backs.
    "We see a lot of things, but this was a first for us," customs spokesman Kees Nanninga said Thursday.
    "It looked like they were cut open, the drugs hidden in their backs and then they were glued back together again," he said.
    The insects held only about 10 ounces of cocaine, worth about $11,000, Nanninga said.
    The discovery was made this summer in a routine check at a postal sorting office, but was made public Thursday. Nanninga said he did not know if anyone was prosecuted as a result of the find.


  1. trptamene
    makes swiy wonder where your goods were before they got to you right?

    If you swimmers don't already, you should go to the dea website and read about the drug seizures around the country...their is some real interesting stuff there.
  2. beentheredonethatagain
    these rascles must stay up nights thinking up a new ways to smuggle, building the better mouse trap, if you will
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