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Bulgarian Driver Busted in Austria with 110 kg of Heroin

    Austrian Customs officers have discovered 110 kilos of heroin in a truck driven by a Bulgarian citizen.

    The news was reported Monday by the largest private TV channel bTV.
    The Bulgarian man has been arrested. He denied being aware the illegal drug was in his truck.

    The narcotic is valued at EUR 8 M. Authorities believe the heroin was destined for the Netherlands and had to pass through the so-called "Balkan route." A second truck was supposed to join in to divert attention and serve as cover-up.

    The heroin was caught last week, but the operation had been kept secret in order to detain possible accomplices.


  1. Pain Hurts
    Holelee sweet jesus mother of gosh dammit my goodness great balls of fire.

    Imagine driving along the winding roads of this beautiful regions , taking pics, enjoying the salty air, warm breeze, friendly people, almost at a private beach one morning and pulling over to help a guy holding his thumb out as he did not pack a spare tire. We get into talking, and I offer help. We push the car to a side street.

    NO worry's about it getting towed or broken into, trust me. Been here. We drive down 25min to get a spare tire, Ik the type of dude who buys it for him too. and a cold 500ml Karlovacka beer. We drink it and conversation shifts ... he will throw me a lunchbag or little ziplock full for the beer and tire.

    Think this ever occurs? haha..

    Maybe some of the King Pins might hire professional drivers like the movie Transporter but mostly not, a cheap ass 10 year old diesel Peugeot will do the job.

    I drove along parts and sections the nothern part of this route , some parts closer to the Adriatic Sea and can tell you the number of toothles, drunken , chain smoking locals driving around intoxicated, paranoid, gun in lap. Beer in other. And then the ferries. No problem.

    Bon Voyage! ..... but not for these dudes. Oh well. and don think I didn't have my eyes open the 7 weeks I was there last summer!!

    1 day, 1 day.
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