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Bulgarian, Romanian authorities seized big amount of heroin

  1. Terrapinzflyer
    Bulgarian, Romanian authorities seized big amount of heroin

    Sofia. Bulgarian and Romanian authorities have seized big amount of heroin at the Romanian-Hungary border, stashed in a TIR, travelling to the Port of Antwerp, Belgium during a joint operation.

    Minister of Interior Tsvetan Tsvetanov told FOCUS News Agency the operation was conducted on Saturday. The heroin was found in two bottles for compressed air as 84 packages of 500g each were found in one of them. The second bottle with the same contents was sent to Bucharest for more tests.

    Bulgarian and Romanian services for fighting organized crime are in permanent contact, Minister Tsvetanov said further.

    The operation was coordinated with the Initiative for Co-operation in the Fight against Organized Crime in southeastern Europe.

    According to the information of Romanian authorities the total weight of seized heroin is 100kg. It was found in a truck with Bulgarian registration, transporting assistance for Haiti.

    The authorities have found the drug at the Romanian-Ukraine border.
    Investigation is underway. The driver, Bulgarian citizen, can be sentence to 25 years’ imprisonment.

    20 February 2010 | 18:56 | FOCUS News Agency


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