Buried Drugs Worth $25 Million

By Abrad · Aug 21, 2006 · ·
  1. Abrad
    DEA agents dug up $25 million worth of drugs from the backyard of a home in Buford in what is the third largest seizure in the U.S. this year, officials announced in Atlanta Wednesday.

    The find is also the largest in Georgia in a year and a half and more proof that Atlanta is becoming a major distribution hub for Mexican drug organizations, DEA agents said.

    The bust took place last Wednesday when DEA and FBI agents were conducting surveillance on a house in Buford. As they watched, a man came out of the home, went into the backyard, lifted up a lid from the ground and took out a container. The agents moved in and found drugs buried in the backyard in several 55-gallon trash bins. The containers held 41 kilos of cocaine and 187 pounds of ice, a crystallized form of methampheamine.

    "We have continued to seize quantities of meth. None of them have been in excess of 100 pounds. We've been very successful but this is still an education that Atlanta is still a hub," said Sherri Strange of the DEA in Atlanta.

    Four men inside the home in Buford were arrested and charged with federal warrants of possession and intent to distribute drugs.

    Just more than one year ago, the DEA announced a drug seizure of more than 174 pounds of ice found at locations in Gwinnett County.

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  1. acexnx316
  2. Nahbus
    SWIM wants to uh.. inspect one package of each. Wait, let him tie his shoes nice and tight first. Ok, he's ready..... GO!
  3. Beeker
    187 POUNDS of Methamphetamine!! Oh MY God!! That is like ... 1000 heart attacks and a few more thousand stokes!!

    LOOK AT ALL THE STIMULANTS! *passes out*
  4. Nahbus
    SWIM just inhaled deeply through his nose close to the picture and now he is tweaked out on cocaine. That's how much there is. It is coming through his monitor.

    /end dream
  5. Beeker
    Haha! I just got this really funny mental image of hundreds of teens reading your post then snorting lines of dust off thier monitors. :snort:
  6. old hippie 56
    Don't you know, that some cartel boss is mighty pissed off. One thing to lose all that dope, and another to have a bunch of dumbasses work for him. Hadn't they heard of privacy fences and the cover of darkness.
  7. grandbaby
    ^Well, yeah, but the fact that the house was under surveillance at the time kind of points to the conclusion that the cops already suspected it was there. They would have proved it another way if Bubba hadn't lifted the lid; maybe the lid-lifting was to circumvent any "I didn't know it was there! I just rent this house to some [insert racial epithet of choice]s!" defence. Or something.
  8. rodent
    That's an insane haul! :eek::eek::eek:

    You'd think the dood would have a hidden tunnel from house to stash, or something more discreet.

    I wonder how much will end up in the evidence hold at the pig-station... and how much will end up back on the street.
  9. raven3davis
  10. Creeping Death
    Maybe it was for personal use.
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