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  1. Raoul duke420
    Buried School Bus Full of Marijuana

    The Lenoir County, North Carolina, Sheriff’s Office calls it one of the most sophisticated marijuana growing operations they’ve ever uncovered.

    Three people are in custody on drug-related charges, after a growing operation was found in a buried school bus. Sheriff Major Chris Hill says digging the large hole and then getting the bus in it required both thought and effort.

    Hill says police had been conducting surveillance on the operation for some time, but finally moved in Tuesday night (01-12) when they stopped Jarome Murriell’s car and found several pounds of marijuana inside the vehicle. Police have also charged Linsey Dail and Dezsi Dail with drug violations.

    Major Hill says police have been tracking the operation for three years and had received several tips from the public something unusual was happening on the property.

    The Dails have been charged with trafficking marijuana. Murriell is accused of conspiracy to traffic marijuana and possession with intent to distribute.

    Contributor: Veair Green
    january 15 2010


  1. Satellitehopper
    SWIM thinks thats probably the craziest thing he's ever heard.
  2. Motorhead
    Raoul duke420,

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