Bust: Ecstasy-selling soldier jailed for two years

By Euphoric · Oct 14, 2007 · Updated Nov 4, 2010 · ·
  1. Euphoric
    A SOLDIER who sold a total of 800 ecstasy tablets to undercover NSW police - sometimes while dressed in his army uniform - has been jailed for at least two years.

    Defence force combat engineer, Sapper Blake Turner, 23, had pleaded guilty to supplying the drugs over a 30-day period in February and March this year at Moorebank.

    In Sydney's District Court today, Acting Judge Graham Armitage noted Turner was of previous good character and had good prospects of rehabilitation.

    In reports before the court, Turner had described his conduct as "stupid" and "ridiculous", and spoke of his desire to improve himself by establishing a career in business and finance.

    As well as admitting the supply count, Turner had asked the judge to take into account a further 13 matters including unlawfully having $2160 in his possession.

    On four separate occasions, Turner had supplied an undercover officer with ecstasy, the largest batch being 500 at $17 a tablet.

    The judge noted evidence from Turner's school teacher father, who described his son as "a very talented boy" who had found school and sport easy.

    His father referred to his son having Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, which he believed could have played a part in his offending, as he was impulsive.

    Judge Armitage, who accepted Turner was genuinely remorseful, set a maximum term of four years.

    He will be eligible for release on parole in February 2009, with his sentence backdated to March this year.

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  1. onza kieron
    Is it just me or is that a tiny sentence for the crime commited?
  2. Joe Duffy
    It’s just you, I thought the sentence was actually quite harsh for such a so-called crime.
  3. candy_kid
    swim knows a man jailed for 6 months after a car chase and getting caught with 4 ounces of cocaine followed by getting caught a half pound of marijuana while on probation for the first thing... so yea, I also find this sentence rather harsh and I cant imagine the boy will be as friendly when he finishes his term as he is now
  4. Euphoric
    The sentencing depends heavily on where you live.
  5. wafflesincars
    And the general consensus on the policy by the local administration. Miami treats scheduled I substances very harshly, as opposed to what I've read about arrests in the UK.
  6. Samadhi
    sentencing depends on:

    the person
    the crime
    the record of said person
    and the judge and his opinions.

    say what you will but the american legal system is very bias and strict sometimes... but if you're a pretty clean cut kid with more brains than to get in front of the judge and rant on about pointless legal crap then you'll get a small sentence...

    keep your noses clean and be one step ahead of the enemy is swim's advice.
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