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  1. Terrapinzflyer
    Kratom started showing up on the radar of the Pennsylvania DUI Association within the past several months.

    Made from the leaf of a tree grown in Southeast Asia, it's often used as a powerful sedative or a way to help wean addicts off of more powerful drugs.

    “The kratom acts on the body just like the opiates do," George Geisler with the PA DUI Association said. "

    While it's banned in Thailand, it's perfectly legal to buy kratom in the US on the internet or in stores.

    Even though it's a natural drug Geisler says taking them and getting behind the wheel is a whole different story. In fact, he says, the use of drug related DUI's has nearly doubled in the past six years, with just over 12-percent in 2006, to 22.6-percent last year.

    "So while these so-called herbal things are legal to possess," Geisler added. "They are not legal for you to take and become impaired and drive."




  1. kailey_elise
    That's actually not too bad of an article, except that it's letting more people know about Kratom. ;)

    But people do need to be reminded that just because something's legal to possess doesn't mean it's legal to drive on. Driving Under the Influence/Driving While Intoxicated is against the law, regardless of the substance that gets you intoxicated. ;)

    It's illegal to drive while impaired, folks - be it by legal drugs, alcohol, prescribed medications or just being tired.

  2. Reuq
    How do they decide if you are 'intoxicated'? I mean, is there a list of substances that you cannot drive whilst (ab)using? Or is there a way that they test a person to see if they are 'intoxicated'? It seems to be a little open to debate.
  3. Insomniacsdream
    Theres not really any debate if you have taken something to get fucked up. Most medication, even codeine say you must not drive high on so legal highs are the same. Don't drive if you aren't sober, its asking for trouble.
  4. Moving Pictures
    wonderful. kratom is now on the chopping block I imagine. Since KY is always ahead of the game on banning substances (mephedrone before it even became popular), I'm sure kratom is next. I need to visit the headshop around here and see if they sell it and if they do, warn them that they are going to be the ones who get it banned because they'll sell it to any idiot who walks in the door with their older sibling's ID card.

    since poppy pods aren't worth it anymore, kratom is it as far as legal highs that I enjoy. I really hope it doesn't catch on too much and the media doesn't make too big a fuss about it.
  5. Entheogen
    Kratom has saved my life several times when having to withdraw unexpectedly from Opiates. I hope this doesn't spur more media attention and ruin it for the rest of us who take it responsibly.
  6. darnoc
    i really hope that kratom wont be baanned i went two weeks without it and relapsed on alochol this plant can and has saved lives!
  7. Thirdedge
    It will be banned sooner or later, of that I am certain.

    A few years back when swim was addicted to Kratom he used to drive all the time, as he did not feel affected, however he started having a few close calls, minor stuff like slower reactions, lack of attention, over shooting or almost not stopping at give-ways when another car was coming.

    He stopped driving under the influence of Kratom because of this. In his opinion Kratom affects one more than they think, much more so than Cannabis or Kava by comparison.
  8. Tech House
    In the US they use "field sobriety tests" in which the driver is subjected to a few tasks that focus on coordination, attention, alertness, etc. These are the best tests, in my opinion, because they judge the ability of the driver to be safe rather than using an arbitrary chemical test that might show someone is legally intoxicated even though that person might be driving much more safely than someone else who is not legally intoxicated. I understand the objective nature of chemical tests such as breath tests for alcohol, but these tests are a lot like age limits for doing porn. Film someone who is nude sunbathing a day before their 18th birthday and you could go to jail; wait until midnight and then you can legally shoot a video of them doing hard core porn. That's an objective standard but hardly reasonable.

    Sorry for going off-topic from kratom, but it gets to the point of the original story, which is that you can be deemed impaired, and suffer the legal consequences, for driving under the influence of any chemical including your own non-intoxicating prescription meds. That's why almost every drug imaginable comes with a warning not to operate heavy machinery or an automobile until until you know how the drug affects you.
  9. stryder09
    Mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine, constituents of Kratom, are banned in Indiana.
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