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But existing is basically all I do!

  1. una_cavaletta
    A bit about me:

    36, female lady woman, living in East London. Born & raised in Wisconsin, USA and emigrated to the UK in 1998 to be with my then-husband. I was nationalised as a British citizen in 2003. Scary to think I've been here all my adult life and almost half all my life now!

    Abstinent alcoholic using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to assist recovery and to help with anxiety, depression and depersonalisation/derealisation.

    I am currently writing a series of post-apocalyptic parallel universe books. Most if not all of the first book will be my MA dissertation.

    I also write and read poetry and short stories as well zines. I'd like to learn how to make my own clothes but I'm too impatient for sewing, knitting and crochet - but mostly just not very good. I like to make zines, cards and posters.

    I'm coming off my current anti-depressants (venlafaxine) with a tapering method approved and supervised by my GP. I am interested in research chemicals and ethnobotanicals but I'm also not diving into anything right away. Still much to read :D

    ...it's crazy to exist...


  1. enquirewithin
    "I am currently writing a series of post-apocalyptic parallel universe books." That is something I would like to read:).

    You are right to be careful with RCs-- they have all the same problems as pharmaceuticals and illegal drugs-- or can have.
  2. una_cavaletta
    Thank you! It's really into swing now, and I'm really happy about it!

    and yes, you are right. I've been a struggling alcoholic for many years now, and I always found that when I wasn't drinking, I still had a chemical crutch - either cannabis or tranqs.

    I had a brief fling wtih Etizolam and we're still friends but after a hypomanic spree, I realised having 60 of the dudes was unsafe. Being used 1nce a week min, but I'd really like to get that down to once a month.

    RCs are a hobby in that I enjoy reading about them, and ocassionally dabble, but anything too awesome is just going to be another crutch...
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