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  1. manda
    A New York hotel is offering a £5,000 martini cocktail - containing a real diamond.

    The Algonquin Hotel admits the vodka, vermouth and olives are much the same as in any martini.

    But the twist lies in the 'ice' - a diamond from the hotel's in-house jeweler, the Daily News reported.

    The hotel has not yet sold a single 'Martini on the Rock' but general manager Anthony Melchiorri is still hopeful.

    (From Manda: Guys, if you order that drink for your date, trust me, it'll impress her)

    He told the newspaper that he was hoping to catch some wealthy suitors looking for a unique way to propose marriage.

    The cocktail, with the diamond nestling in the bottom of the glass, must be ordered three days in advance and the final price varies according to the size and quality of the diamond.

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