BZP Banned in Eire

By akack2 · Apr 1, 2009 · ·
  1. akack2
    31/03/2009 - 17:27:22
    The stimulant drug BZP which is promoted as a legal alternative to ecstasy and amphetamines was banned today by the Government.

    The man-made chemical pills – sometimes wrongly referred to as Herbal E – are widely available in so-called head shops, which specialise in drug paraphernalia.
    Ireland follows the lead of several other EU countries where BZP has already been declared a controlled drug, although it remains legal throughout Britain.

    Health Minister Mary Harney said the drug had now been brought under the Misuse of Drugs Act 1977.

    “This will now make the possession of BZP illegal and make sure that BZP is no longer available for sale in head shops around the country, which has been an issue of concern to my department and the wider public,” she said.

    Ms Harney’s department acted after a recommendation from the EU last March that the psychoactive substance come under control measures and criminal provisions.

    EU concerns followed a European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction report that found the use of BZP can lead to various medical problems.

    While the long-term effects remain unknown, it has been associated with vomiting, anxiety, insomnia, mood swings and seizures.

    The mood-affecting drug, also known as party pills, Legal X, XTC and piperazine, was originally developed in a UK laboratory in 1944 as a worming treatment for cattle.

    It was never widely used in the agricultural sector because it caused some animals to have fits.

    Jim Bellamy, co-owner of the Nirvana chain of head shops which has outlets in Ireland, UK, New Zealand and Australia, said the move would turn people to other illegal drugs.

    “My only concern is the stupidity of the authorities, because now people who can’t get BZP will turn back to illegal drugs and they will die. There’s no question about it,” he said.

    Although the ban came as no surprise to Mr Bellamy, he hit out at the lack of any advance notice, which he said had left head shop-owners confused about the drug’s legal status.

    “I’m waiting to verify what the position is and if it is illegal then of course I will remove everything from my premises and won’t sell it anymore,” he said.
    “But I thought it would be courtesy for the authorities to let us know.”

    A Health Department spokesman said the law will be enforced in the normal way, and it was likely that gardaí will notify traders that they have to remove the products from sale.

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  1. readeadamie
    SWIM bets that Paddy said that the owner of Nir***a. He knew well in advance the ban was coming. What a dope. SWIY should have heard the things he was saying on the Gerry Ryan show a few months back on the day of the mescaline raid. He claims nobody who has bought cannabis seeds from his shop has ever grown them (SWIM has), he claimed Gerry Ryan does drugs with no evidence to back up his claim, he claims that BZP is safer than MDMA (bullshit!), and SWIP continues to sell mescaline to kids. SWIP is a criminal.
  2. vinylmesh
    Swim won't lose any sleep over this. bzp is a nasty drug. swim has never known a regular user. New, probably safer drugs will fill the void left by this ban.

    @ readeadamine, I agree. The headshop scene seems to be about making a quick buck rather than actually trying to change things for the better.

    Blatantly misinforming customers, lying about ingredients, lying about the effectiveness and dosage of products, how to take it (kratom joints wtf???)...and just trying to rip off customers in general.

    And you also have the fact that most of these people are completely clueless about the products they are selling.

    Head shops could have been a shining example of how it could be done. Thanks to these ****tards, that opportunity has been missed.
  3. SWIM Bulgakov
    ^ Are you talking about all of the headshops without exceptions? SWIM was planning on getting some things.
  4. Nature Boy
    SWIM won't miss BZP. He never even used it but the effects don't sound particularly appealing. The ban is bad news however. It just opens the door for more of the same in the future and it is an act of conservative social governing. Drug prohibition is so well-established that no-one bats an eyelid at something like this either. With all the talk in the US of ending the war on drugs, you would have hoped that Ireland would try to be a bit more progressive and stall over any rash decisons like this. Even the term 'prohibition' surprises many people when used in the context of narcotics but that's exactly what it is, exactly the same as Al Capone and bathtub liquor.

    Ah well, roll on the next drug and the next banning.

    They're not all scumbags. Then again, not all illegal dealers are scumbags either. Some are just opportunists. The problem with the idea of a considerate headshop is the profitability. Without that killer instinct in peddling wares, it's very difficult to keep a business like a headshop afloat. The ones that try to be fair tend to distance themselves from the original idea of selling psychoactives in the first place. They turn into art gallery/winebars which may be relatively popular amongst yuppies but won't sort you out if you want mescaline cactus.
  5. cannabis-sam
    SWIM agrees to some extent that many headshops do sell crap (although SWIM does know one head shop owner who tests out all his products to make sure they work before selling them) SWIM thinks part of the problem is the legal gray area of these things, head shops don't sell anything for human consumption so they are free to rip people off left right and center, some are as bad as drug dealers. SWIM would like to see much heavier regulation of head shops. There are endless "herbal highs" SWIM has tried which are just total shite and a waste of money of course some work, and once they do they get banned.

    Secondly they sell, untested pharmecutical chemicals, without letting people know what is in them, I can understand why this is done but it's still not right, and could have severe consequences. Unfortunatly thanks to prohibition, more dangerous drugs are sold legally because the safer illegal drugs are, well, illegal.
  6. Alfa
    Please keep this thread on topic: the BZP ban.
    Solution is to ban all these headshops from ever setting up. Anything new doesnt stand a chance of remaining with these clowns around.

    If someone is interested in finding new compounds let them search for it, at least that way theyl get some information also about the compound and harm minimization .
  8. Alfa
    Yeah, that would have worked 10 years ago, before the internet got this reach. There is no way to confine the knowledge of new drugs now. And bans are the downside of it. The salvia divinorum ban in many countries are based upon youtube videos.
    These headshops need to be regulated. But I doubt that they are going to do that by themselves. And the government surely does not have the balls to regulate headshop. They just ban products, instead of licensing the good headshops.
  9. readeadamie
    What good headshops? Please, name one please. SWIM wishes with all his heart there was a good/ethical headstore he could shop in but to the best of his knowledge (experience with 19 different headstores) there are none. Maybe SWIM's wrong about this but any headstore SWIM's been to is not just bad but really really bad. SWIM is talking to the only decent headstore worker he knows (he still sells all the shit and lies about it) about trying to set up a headstore regulatory committee. SWIM is sure there may be good smartshops in the Netherlands but nobody in there right mind would give a licence to an Irish headstore. The owner of the headstore SWIM gets his pipe screens at is currently in India obtaining tobacco resin to put into soapbar hash (SWIM had never heard of this before). The same shop has put all of its DMT products back on sale despite the fact they are not legal. SWIM wishes to start a thread about headshops, where would be the appropriate place to do so? Regarding the salvia ban, those idiots who posted videos on youtube more than likely obtained there salvia in a headstore. Without headstores only people willing to do some research would have even known about it and after doing research they would probably have more respect for the plant/experience and the cultures associated with the plant/experience. I would think (but have no way of knowing) that with this knowledge they would have had an entirely different view of salvia and may not have posted videos of them drooling or laughing or screaming or whatever they do when they're on it.
  10. podge
    Headshops in swims neck of the woods arent so bad, swim doesnt have much interest in most legal highs these days but a few years ago when swim was 18 or 19 and mushrooms were available - the headshops did ask for ID. And on another occasions swim was only allowed purchase psychoactives after the shops owner was convinced swim had done his research.

    DMT containing plants are legal to sell in ireland - extracted DMT on the other hand is illegal.[/QUOTE]
  11. Alfa
    I think it would be a good thing if you would propose a code of conduct for headshops. Please start a new thread on this in the herbal xtc forum. What regulations do you think headshops should adhere to?

    People just as well buy salvia divinorum on the internet. Its on youtube and thats a large factor in the popularity of salvia. I do not think that headshops are responsible for the youtube videos. I know of one that was promoting its customers to make videos for youtube, but after we addressed this and talked to the owner, he retracted his promotion.
    Pleae mind that most people are not willing to do their research. They'll just buy drugs from a dealer or legal highs from a headshop.
    The demand for drugs is there. Even if all headshops would be closed, then drugs would still be consumed.

    We are writing about new drugs and millions are reading...

    I do not think it is fair to compare the Dutch smartshops, which have existed for 15 years and only regulated themselves a decade ago. The Irish exist for much shorter time and will need to wise up sooner or later. I know that there are Irish headshops that have age restrictions and will not sell if they dont think its safe. I became quite worried when after the mushroom ban, headshops started to offer ayahuasca and amanita mushrooms. But it turned out that these where only available to people that could show that they where experienced and knowledgable abotu these drugs. Several of our members checked this. So its not all as bad as your experience makes it seem.
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