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BZP In Slimfast Weight Loss Shakes?!@

By pankreeas, Sep 30, 2007 | | |
  1. pankreeas
    I almost didn't believe it when I saw it..


    Also lots of easy google finds to verify it..

    Does this mean if bzp is successful it cannot be scheduled? because it is the magic pill to slim down all our fat assed fast food feasting, and save all our poor souls from impending doom?


  1. BackToBasics
    Budgie thinks this is an article from New Zealand, where the stuff is legal anyway. It probably doesn't apply to the rest of the world.
  2. pankreeas
    Still it's quite alarming. I got a laugh when I googled "1000mg bzp" and on the first 2 results, the captioned text was propaganda from the actual site of the supplier saying bzp pills for "partying" contained 1000mg and that their product is a mere 60.... and in the second an advert from a company stating 80-100 mg as a sufficient dose and 10-11 pills could be made from 1000mg.

    yah a mere 60 eh... looks like a big apology waiting to happen once they are informed that someone taking 6 of these shakes ended up all night in the club "tripping out" without ever remembering how they got there..
  3. Intoxicating Dreams
    What is BZT? SWIM can't find it on the search for the forum, nor by google it/.
  4. BackToBasics
  5. pankreeas
    BackToBasics... did you change your quote just now? if not then oh the irony...
  6. BackToBasics
    Budgie changed it a couple of weeks ago :)
  7. Heretic.Ape.
    Please copy and paste the text of articles, links tend to go the way of the dodo ;)

    How NFS Slimfast May Help You Lose Weight

    Weight related issues are among some of the biggest killers in the world today. Along with a good diet, regular exercise, NFS Slimfast may help with your weight loss or may help you reach the goals that you want to with your weight.

    SlimFast has been scientifically designed to assist with weight loss. This unique formulation contains some of the finest ingredients available which will not only assist with steady weight reduction but also help you feel better along the way. While taking this product it is important to have a nutritionally balanced diet.

    If you are hungry between meals, choose low-fat snacks such as fruit. Try to avoid sugary and high fat snacks such as chocolate, biscuits and savories. Regular exercise will assist you in losing weight and help prevent weight gain.

    Green Tea 600mg
    Green Tea is used to assist weight loss.
    It is also taken to improve cognitive performance. Other benefits in taking green tea orally include helping to prevent skin related to ultraviolet (UV) radiation (e.g. sunburn) and other environmental causes.
    Note: Green tea contains a small amount of caffeine.

    Rose Root 50mg
    Rose Root is used for increasing energy, stamina, strength and mental capacity.
    It also helps the body adapt to and resist physical, chemical and environmental stress.

    Benzylpiperazine 60mg
    Benzylpiperazine is the newly discovered weight loss wonder helper and acts as an appetite suppressant as well as a metabolic stimulator. Benzylpiperazine is the scientific name for a group of ingredients that came out of the piper (pepper) family also renowned for their assistance with mood elevation.

    Why is BZP included in the formula?
    Metabolic rate or increase in metabolism. This formula
    supports increased metabolic rate, this is known as
    thermogenisis and is what burns calories, the more calories
    you burn the more weight a person will lose.

    Ginseng 50mg
    Ginseng is used for increasing resistance to environmental stress and as a general tonic for overall well-being. It is also for improving cognitive function, concentration memory and work efficiency.

    Gingko Biloba 100mg
    Gingko leaf is used for increasing memory capacity. Gingko helps to prevent Headaches, mood disturbances and difficulty concentrating.

    Amino Acids 50mg
    Amino Acids used in this formulation are to help with stress, prevent fatigue, improve concentration and assist in reducing appetite.

    B Vitamins 40mg
    Vitamin B is used for improving concentration, mood elevation, boosting energy and protection against toxins

    C Vitamins 30mg
    Vitamin C is used to prevent and keep general viruses at bay.

    About weight loss and Slimfast
    While taking this product it is important to have a nutritionally balanced diet. If you are hungry between meals, choose low-fat, low GI Carbohydrate snacks. Try to avoid sugary and high fat snacks such as chocolate, biscuits and savories. Regular exercise will assist you in losing weight and help prevent weight gain.
  8. Intoxicating Dreams
    SWIMS thanks SWIY for the help. Swim read online today in a slimfast ad from New Zealand, that went out of it's way to point out that it's product did not have BZP in it.
  9. Thirdedge
    BZP was in the original NFS Slimfast Max products, but has now been removed from all NFS products. The product had a reputation as being very effective, eating is near impossible on BZP, but not really something a monkey should consume on a daily basis to loose weight IMHO. The new formula's have Hoodia and other healthier alternatives.
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