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  1. akack2
    A 20-year-old woman and a 17-year-old man are being questioned following a garda raid early this morning that uncovered more than €1m worth of drugs.
    The seizure was made at a house in Finglas, Dublin.
    This morning's raid was the first significant seizure of Benzylpiperazine tablets since they were declared illegal three months ago.

    Known as party pills or legal E, the tablets were sold in Head Shops until 31 March when they were declared a controlled drug.
    In an ongoing operation targeting a north Dublin drug gang, the Finglas and Blanchardstown drugs unit raided a house on Lanesborough area.
    They seized 200,000 tablets worth estimated to be worth around €1.17m as well as €7,500 worth of cannabis.
    The two are being questioned at Blanchardstown Garda station and can be held for up seven days.

    Source is Rté News.


  1. Joe Duffy
    Don’t you just love Garda estimates, just pull any figure out

    of the air, and why on earth would one even bother with BZP, when you can

    purchase other substances which are legal, far better and cheaper.
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