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  1. akack2
    More than 150,000 so-called party pills have been seized by the drugs squad, gardaí said today.

    The BZP or Benzylpiperazine tablets were found in a suitcase after a car was stopped and searched in Rathmines, south Dublin on Sunday.

    A follow-up search of a flat in the area recovered more of the same illegal stimulant pills.

    Gardaí said the haul has a street value of more than €700,000.

    Three men, aged 25, 21 and 20, were arrested following the searches and one has been charged.

    BZP, once promoted as a legal alternative to ecstasy and amphetamines, was banned in March this year.

    The man-made chemical pills had been widely sold in head shops.


  1. Synchronium
    I thought this thread would be about someone having a seizure after taking too much BZP. Heh.
  2. Nature Boy
    What idiots. Why would anyone bother smuggle BZP into the country anymore? While it was legal, it was merely a poorman's ecstasy substitute and when it was banned, barely anyone gave a hoot. That €700,000 figure will almost definitely result in prolonged jailtime. All for a newly banned drug that was in low demand. Actually no-one demands BZP. They just end up acquiring it thinking it's MDMA.
  3. Synchronium
    Is it actually banned in Ireland? It won't be banned in the UK 'til Dec 23rd.
  4. Reaver
    As far as Swim knows BZP was banned in the republic of Ireland on the 31st of march this year. Irish head-shops and one chain in particular, generally take a bit of a propaganda bashing in the Irish press (thanks to a few influential anti-drug zealots) so it's not entirely surprising that it was banned in Ireland before the UK.
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