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Cabbage’s Murderous, Booze-Soaked Past

  1. Basoodler

    Cabbage is undoubtedly the vegetable most likely to need therapy. According to a Greek myth, when King Lycurgus of Thrace learned that Dionysus, the god of wine, was loitering on his turf, he drove the tipsy god away. But Lycurgus’s brazenness backfired—antagonizing a drunk god will do that—and Dionysus cursed him with temporary insanity.

    In the throes of madness, the king began destroying any vine he saw (vines being the symbol of Dionysus). But blinded by the spell, he mistook his own son for one and hacked the boy to pieces. When the king regained his senses, he wept. As his tears hit the earth, they became the first cabbages.

    Thanks to this elaborate story, the Greeks believed “a natural antipathy” existed between cabbages and vines. In fact, it became tradition to munch cabbage before a night of carousing to preempt the next morning’s hangover. Sounds like an excuse to try the coleslaw!

    Friday, April 24, 2015 - 1:00am
    - See more at: http://m.mentalfloss.com/article.php?id=62759


  1. DeepGreenSea
    The Ancients knew a thing or two! Cabbage is loaded with Vitamin C, which a night of binge drinking can deplete! So, cabbage was mostly likely an early stab at a Hangover Prevantative/Cure and so prevalent amongst The People that myth tellers made up a story linking the two. Take 4 Cabbage Leaves and Don't Call me in the Morning!
  2. rawbeer
    Well...they also thought wearing a crown made of Ivy would prevent you from becoming too drunk. And all that corned beef and cabbage I eat on St. Patrick's Day never seems to help much!

    But maybe you're right, ancient herbal knowledge was certainly more advanced - in some cases - than it is often given credit for.
  3. DeepGreenSea
    Another interesting Tidbit:

    Vestal Virgins,to Wow the populace, would carry water in a sieve-not missing a drop. This would "prove" their virginity. But what no one knew was that the sieves were prepared with Lanolin.

    Colloidal Chemistry.

    Now these same Virgins were drinking water carried in lead pipes that most people kind of knew were bad for you...but Lead was Easy and Cheap. Sounds stupid until you consider modernity and Fossil Fuels!
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