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Cacti weren't ment to grow in Canada...

  1. Yail Bloor
    I never thought I'd be using this blog function... Hell, tell you the truth, I'm so not internet-savvy that just now, two minutes ago, I looked up what a blog is, just to be sure. I shit you not. Anyway, since my recent promotion to Titanium membership, I've felt like I wanted -somehow- to be more involved in the forum. I started by finally donating for the first time, and now I'm trying to take advantage of the increased functionality I have access to.

    So that was my rambling and essentially pointless introduction to what I ment to post here in the first place. The following is transcribed verbatim from a note-book that my dear friend Dr. Raoul Duke left at my house, with instructions to be posted here.


  1. MikePatton
    Don't let those cacti terrorists get you down man, keep on growing the good grow!
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