Cacti weren't ment to grow in Canada...

By Yail Bloor · Sep 6, 2011 · ·
  1. Yail Bloor
    I never thought I'd be using this blog function... Hell, tell you the truth, I'm so not internet-savvy that just now, two minutes ago, I looked up what a blog is, just to be sure. I shit you not. Anyway, since my recent promotion to Titanium membership, I've felt like I wanted -somehow- to be more involved in the forum. I started by finally donating for the first time, and now I'm trying to take advantage of the increased functionality I have access to.

    So that was my rambling and essentially pointless introduction to what I ment to post here in the first place. The following is transcribed verbatim from a note-book that my dear friend Dr. Raoul Duke left at my house, with instructions to be posted here.

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  1. MikePatton
    Don't let those cacti terrorists get you down man, keep on growing the good grow!
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