Cactus thieves running amok

By nEone · Sep 3, 2008 · ·
  1. nEone
    From Time Mag/CNN:

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  1. PingoTango
    ...All of which is a direct result of prohibition. Peyote farming could be a lucrative business...
  2. laugher
    "The white man goes into his church house and talks about Jesus,the Indian goes into his tepee and talks to Jesus." Quanah Parker
  3. laugher
    some folks in Texas that collected plants for years are now returning to those fields with plants ,grown from seed of those plants,and replanting.This is very honorable and should be done by more.
  4. MikePatton
    I've stolen so many San Pedros from people's yards, hotels, the beach, the desert, pretty much everytime I saw one growing I snatched it an ate it. I feel guilty after reading this.

    I remember as teenagers we were especially risky and stupid, stealing San Pedros, Peruvian Torches and Peyotes from the yards of rich inhibitants who grew them for beauty, unaware of their psychoactive properties. We also ate our fair share of non-psychoactive cactus due to mistakes in identity... Yuck.
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