Caffeine, the new gateway drug?

By losd · May 29, 2008 · ·
  1. losd

    I wouldn't be surprised if sales of highly caffeinated drinks to minors are restricted in the future. In which case more kids will have to get their kicks from speed.

    And is it just me, or are the amounts of caffeine in most of these drinks not really that high? When SWIM worked in a coffee shop as a teen, she consumed a couple GRAMS of caffeine a day, with no ill effects.

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  1. ihavequestions
    SWIM cant handle those energy drinks. makes him jittery and way too wired. he cant even sit still. its a shitty feeling.

    i still dont agree with the idea of a "gateway drug". i mean nothing forces a person to do something. its always by there own decision. i mean what is the gateway to the gateway drug? the fact that a person would end up trying a "gateway drug" shows that there is more to it. people need to stop blaming there decisions on other things and take responsibility for there actions.
  2. losd
    SWIM doesn't like energy drinks either, mostly because they taste disusting and the marketing for them is idiotic.

    I don't really agree with the concept of gateway drugs either. But if it did exist the gateway to the gateway drug would be simple curiousity. I think some people have an inborn interest in experimenting, and others don't. For the ones who do, whatever they come across first will be their "gateway" drug.
  3. cyndi
    Those drinks make swim very nervous so she doesn't like them. Her teen son does and claims they give him energy. Gateway drug...Red Bull...nonsense. Swim does love her coffee though and thinks that has more caffeine but could be wrong.
  4. Heretic.Ape.
    Monkey is addicted to energy drinks. But he did many other drugs before trying one... then again, when he was a teenager I don't think there was such a thing as energy drinks.
    At least they basically say that it's simply a potential sign that the kid enjoys using available chemicals for pleasure and don't seem to be completely humping the old gateway drug notion. But you still know that there will be parents banning energy drinks from their children because they think it'll make them grow up to be drug-fiend-sex-maniacs. As far as I'm concerned kids not drinking massive amounts of this stuff that any doctor will tell you is horrible for you is just fine, just a shame when it's for the wrong silly reasons.
  5. losd
    Back when SWIM was a kid there was Jolt cola. Don't know how much caffeine was in it but in junior high SWIM and her friends would chug several of them and get all hyped up. Jolt wasn't marketed as an "energy drink" though, that phenomenon seems to have started with Red Bull, around 99-00 IIRC.

    I agree that it's probably best for kids not to be drinking tons of energy drinks. But the responsibility for controlling it should lie with the parents, not the government. Just like with candy, fast food, and all the other things kids like that aren't so healthy for them.
  6. Lobsang
    SWIM has eliminated all caffeine. It took a lot of work to do it. It takes a long time to get the nervous system stable again. But SWIM would never go back. :)
  7. cra$h
    seeing kids get their energy from an energy drink is better than abusing things like aderall. but gateway drug? no. my friend would rather drink an enormous amount of monsters (3 of their biggest bottles at a time) instead of just popping 60mg of aderall. so gateway? not a chance.
  8. Panthers007
    I dunno 'bout that. Just reading the thread here about what drugs did your monkey use - starting with which - listed caffeine way up there vying for top billing. Along with nicotine and , finally, alcohol. IF we are to believe in the "Gateway-Drug" rehetoric, then caffeine is far away ahead of cannabis. Which made a dismal showing at best.
  9. Lobsang
    The first time a human brain makes the associative link between an exogenous molecule and an alteration in consciousness or feeling the gateway is opened. This could be very early when a child has a fever and feels sick and his mother fives him some Tylenol. An associative link is made between taking a molecule and feeling better or a change in awarness. When this is learned the person will be prone to using outside things to change inside perceptions. :)
  10. Swift Serenity
    SWIM hates energy drinks. plus he doesnt drink caffeine anymore!

    i dont know how this can be considered a drug?
  11. Spyder
    SwiS's 2cents....totally agree w/ Swilosd that some have the inborn curiosity to experiment. SwiS's has gone thru them all (drugs that is) and even at the begining didn't think of what he was doing as a gateway, but rather just tried things as they came along. matter of fact, he tried many pills, LSD, Cocaine before trying many softer drugs.

    It was just this willingness and desire to experiment, and the "gateway" was nothing more than pure curiosity......S
  12. Swift Serenity
    very well said, and agree.

    this SWIM loves to experiment!
  13. dr ACE
    Swimy allways notices an urge/craving to smoke a joint when drinking coffee. Since coffee/tea is so widley used accross the globe the idea of caffine being a 'drug' of anykind never mind a gateway drug is going to be very hard for most folks to believe
    but despite its wide spread use and legal stauts it remains the most widley used psychoactive substance in the world second only to liquor or benzos
  14. Spyder
    Totally agree seems as though the more widespread use (i.e. caffine/alcohol) dulls the peoples perception of them being a "drug", just wonder what the end result of a ban on these substances would cause.

    US prohibition proved that it "ain't gonna work" people want their drugs, it just seems that society wants to draw a line as to whats ok and whats not, in an effort to justify what they are doing, "well at least i'm not doing such and such"....
  15. Euphoric
  16. Milk man

    This all seems like a bunch of shit. It reminds me of the post by Richard smoker(

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