Cage: 'Drugs made my life a nightmare'

By 0utrider · Jan 22, 2008 · Updated Jan 23, 2008 · ·
  1. 0utrider

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  1. chemlove
    I had heard before about Nicholas Cage, what is it about lots of the great actors using and expiratmenting with drugs. Maybe there is something to it, maybe things like ego loss (from some drugs) and extreme confidence (from others) really helps in the Hollywood scene. Heck all SWIM knows is he still practices his ques and reading lines by going through his favoirte Shakespear plays and has since Junior High School.
  2. Purest
    I read an article in FHM a couple months back with Eric Roberts where he said about in the 80s how he would regularly be acting under the influence, back then aparently it was really common for there to be huge drug budgets for most films, all changed when the 90s hit though, now most actors have to stay clean or at least say they do.
  3. AntiAimer
    Drugs just potentiates that persons personality. Robbin Williams said he used to take exctasy(no source sorry, saw it in a interview he had) all the time when he was performing, which you could tell since he would be sweating like no other with bottles and bottles of water next to him. That's why his stand ups are pretty amazing.
  4. 0utrider
    AW: Cage: 'Drugs made my life a nightmare'

    hmm so i got a few complaints about me accidently putting an ad in the article, i use firefox (with an ad blocker), i dont see it, where is it, so i can delete it?!
  5. old hippie 56
    Done been edit out.
  6. Nature Boy
    Poor Nicolas Cage. Maybe he should have stayed on the drugs. Birdy was a lot better than Ghost Rider or Next.
  7. MrG
    Oh poor Nicky boy, wah! wah! wah!

    So is he claiming he didn't have *any* good times on drugs? If so he was pretty stupid to keep trying them then!

    Or is it that he did have some good times and some bad times. Sorta like the way life is in general irrespective of drug use.

    Maybe that wouldn't sound so good to the media.

    "Nick Cage took drugs when he was younger and wouldn't give us a hard luck story - For Shame!"
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