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Calgary border guards make their largest opium poppy bust in history

By Terrapinzflyer · Oct 9, 2009 ·
  1. Terrapinzflyer
    Calgary border guards make their largest opium poppy bust in history

    Canada Border Services Agency officers in Calgary have seized a total of 7,262 kilos of opium poppy pods with an estimated street value of more than $14.5 million.

    The seizures were made on two separate occasions, said the CBSA in statement.

    On September 22, CBSA officers inspected a commercial container declared as “dried grasses.”

    Inside officers found 12 skids containing more than 2,700 kilos of dried poppy pods worth an estimated $5,454,000.

    The next day, CBSA officers became suspicious when a second unrelated commercial container declared as “dried flowers” was awaiting clearance for entry into Canada.

    Officers referred it for further examination and upon inspection found 26 skids totalling more than 4,500 kilos of dried poppy pods with an estimated street value of $9,071,847.

    Opium pods contain opiates.

    Usually, they are crushed into a powder form commonly known as “doda.”

    Doda has various uses; one is to mix it with tea. This drug is addictive and has the potential to be harmful when ingested.

    Since January 1, 2009, the CBSA in Alberta has made 387 drug seizures and has kept more than $16 million worth of drugs off Canadian streets.




    Border services make record opium bust in Calgary

    CALGARY - Canada Border Services agents in Calgary have seized more than 7,000 kilos of opium poppy pods - the agency's largest ever such seizure, officials said this morning.

    Officials say the officers were inspecting a commercial container on Sept. 22 when they discovered more than 2,700 kilos of poppy pods in the shipment. The drugs, declared as "dried grasses" in customs forms, are worth an estimated $5.4 million.

    The first bust was followed by another suspicious shipment, which arrived Sept. 23. Officials became suspicious with the declaration form stated the contents as "dried flowers."

    Upon inspection, agents found 4,500 kilos of poppy pods, estimated to be worth $9 million.

    The pods, when crushed into powder, become a highly addictive drug, border officials say.

    The total value of more than $14.5 million makes the bust the largest of its kind in Border Services history.

    More to come...




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