Cali. drug raid finds pot, LSD, TCB, ecstasy

By torachi · Mar 17, 2011 · ·
  1. torachi
    What started as an indoor marijuana bust at a Ukiah home led authorities to a cache of illegal drugs Tuesday morning, according to Mendocino Major Crimes Task Force Commander Bob Nishiyama.

    Agents served a search warrant at a home in the 40 block of Betty Street, where the Task Force believed there was an indoor marijuana grow. They found marijuana, but also found "ecstasy," LSD and a new hallucinogen similar to LSD, Nishiyama said.

    They arrested the renter who lived there, Jeffrey David Walter, 32, on suspicion of cultivating and possessing marijuana for sale, possessing a controlled substance for sale and vandalism causing more than $50,000 of damage, because of water damage, mold and structural changes that resulted from the indoor grow, according to Nishiyama.

    "He also had up to eight lights going at once," Nishiyama said, adding that Walter's electric bill ranged between $700 and $900 monthly.

    Task Force agents seized five pounds of processed marijuana, five pounds of partly processed marijuana and 196 immature plants, according to Nishiyama.
    They also found 78 yellow and orange pills that tested positive as the drug known as "ecstasy," almost a gram of white LSD powder, six small vials of fluid believed to be LSD and 135 blue pills determined to be a new hallucinogen similar to but not as strong as LSD, which Nishiyama said is known as "TCB," meaning "taking care of business."

    A dose of LSD is a microgram, meaning just six ounces could be as many as 6,000 doses, according to Nishiyama. He said a dose of LSD can run $5, and a dose of TCB can cost between $5 and $10. Ecstasy pills run between $10 and $20, he said.

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  1. benzup!
    TCB? dont they mean '2CB'? they cant be that stupid surely? oh wait, yes they are. for some reason they think a 1mcg is a dose of LSD, and even if it was, 6 ounces wouldn't make 6000 doses; it would make over 168 million doses!
  2. torachi
    A recent rash of what appear to be bad acid trips has caught the attention of the Arcata Police Department, which is warning people who may use the drug.

    It started on April 18, when officers responded to a residence to help Arcata-Mad River Ambulance personnel with a 31-year-old man who had just castrated himself. Medics and officers couldn't find the man's testicles, according to APD, and he later told police that he'd flushed them down the toilet because they contained “monsters.”

    Then, beginning on May 8, the incidents picked up. A 21-year old man took LSD and wandered from his home without adequate clothing or shoes and without saying where he was going. The man wandered in the forest for two days while his family and friends looked for him. He returned two days later, according to police.

    The next day, police were called to Mad River Hospital to assist with a combative 19-year-old man reportedly undergoing flashbacks -- two weeks after he took LSD.

    On May 12, officers found him struggling with three friends trying to get him to go to the emergency room. The friends asked officers for help, and they detained the subject and held him for psychological evaluation by Humboldt County mental health workers.

    On May 11, officers were dispatched to the 900 block of H Street where an 18-year-old man under the influence of LSD was throwing himself on the ground in the middle of the street,

    APD said. He was arrested and taken to jail. The same night, Arcata police helped Humboldt State University police arrest a subject on LSD. Another officer reportedly made contact with two other people having flashbacks, both of whom were cared for by friends and family.

    Arcata Police Chief Tom Chapman said the department has not recovered any samples of acid in relation to the incidents, and could not say whether the recent events are due to contaminated LSD or a sharply increased usage of the drug.

    ”I hate to call it a bad trip,” Chapman said, “but they're having a bad trip.”

    Chapman said people using the drug can become a danger to themselves and others, and that its use can trigger a mental health “break” in someone with underlying mental health issues.

    John Driscoll/The Times-Standard
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  3. Terrapinzflyer
    I'm leaning towards this having been 2c-b and not tcb-2. It was seized in pill form which seems somewhat unlikely for a novel, highly potent drug, and the turtles aardvark knows a lot of folks in that area and there has been a lot of 2c-b around, but haven't heard a word of tcb-2.

    From the charging documents it appears whatever it was was charged as schedule I - unlikely for tcb-2.

    The aardvark has made some phone calls and will hopefully have more info soon.
  4. reformer
    Not likely TCB

    I completely agree. Please let us know any info that comes out... I would be shocked if it is TCB-2.

    Who the hell would be brave enough to tablet this shit?!?!? The dust alone might take someone out. At least from the in vitro data, TCB-2 should be more potent than LSD.
  5. fatal
    Yes tableting such a powerful drug out like that would be a stupid idea. But so would this:
  6. veritas.socal
    yeah, thats pretty bad.
    and their math is as flawed as the rest of their logic
    no comments on the chems, as i am ignorant of most things mentioned, but that gram. . : :(...
  7. fatal
    Maybe there were super potent psychedelics in that house and the cops are tripping. That would make sense.

    He seems pretty sure that you can get this drug that does not exist for 5-10 dollars. Maybe he knows what hes talking about. They could be selling trichlorobenzene, which is what TCB actually is. ;)

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