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Cali teenager attempts to sell pot brownies to raise money for a prom dress

  1. Rob Cypher
    A California teenager is in danger of being deported after she tried to raise money for a prom dress by selling pot-laced brownies, CBS Sacramento reported.

    Saira Munoz of Yuba City wanted to go to the prom, but when she didn't have money for a dress, she became an entrepreneur.

    "People make mistakes," said Carlos Robles, a friend of the teen.

    But this mistake landed the River Valley High School student in handcuffs.

    Munoz, who was 18 at the time, decided to put on a school bake sale. There was an extra ingredient in her brownies: marijuana. She hired a fellow student to sell her brownies.

    Her pot ploy fell apart when a student got sick and needed to be rushed to the hospital by ambulance.

    "I was hurt, because she got arrested, and nobody wanted to see somebody we cared about go away," Robles said.

    Because Munoz hired a fellow student, she was charged with employing a minor to sell marijuana -- a felony.

    Robles went to school with Munoz at River Valley High and remains friends with her.

    "She was just a very positive person," he said. "I just don't like the turnout of this."

    A judge sentenced her to four years probation on Monday and nine days in jail with credit for time served.

    But that's not all.

    Munoz, now 19, also learned during her sentencing that she could be heading back home to Mexico. She came to the United States with temporary permission in 2000. After the Sutter County Probation Department called the feds about her conviction, she could now be deported.

    Robles said deportation it too harsh a penalty for Munoz.

    "There's people that deserve to be deported, and she just wasn't one of them," hes said. "There's people that do way worse."

    CBS News
    April 8, 2014



  1. TheBigBadWolf
    theres only one thing to learn from this:

    if you are about to break the law, do it on your own and dont have any people involved in it.

    Maybe there's a working place in some cartel for this young lady? She seemst to have the correct approach to what is allowed to get what you want to be part in such an organisation. And on top will have some guidance in how to disguise unlawful activities.

    Unfortunately she didnt think that she lives in a country that is used to seeing alien citizens as a threat in themselves. - you live and you learn.

    Honestly, this chick is so dumb that she not only deserved to be sentences by court, but also would need a good thrashing from the big bad Pa of the pupils she was making sick with her glorious idea.

    I never will understand how eighteen year olds are considered grown ups - even when reviewing my own history and those of my schoolmates I can only say that no understandings of what is reality can grow into a brain thats not fully evolved and on top flooded with all kinds of crazy making hormones.

  2. Szandbwoy
    AW: Cali teenager attempts to sell pot brownies to raise money for a prom dress

    It's certainly an interesting idea for a fund raiser!

    I wonder if she still managed to get to the prom?
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